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How to predict halftime/fulltime (2/1)?????

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    How to predict halftime/fulltime (2/1)?????

    I think that sistems are best way to get money out of betting. But for good sistem you have to have big prizees.
    The bigest prize is on halftiome/fulltime particulary 2/1.
    So I would like someone who would like to help me predict 2/1 games...

    :arrow: marco :idea:

    i dont understand the main question here.r u asking about which match do u prefer 2/1 or something different
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      Well, there are certain teams that often seem to turn 0-1 at halftime to a victory. Teams like Real Madrid, Ajax, Manchester Utd etc. often concede the first goal, but they have the strength to win anyway. So my advice is to take 2/1 when these teams play at home, but don't be surprised if you never win...

      Does anyone have statistics on which teams often turns 2 at HT to 1 after 90 minutes? Or can you give more examples of teams like the ones mentioned above?



        Not 2/1 .. 1/X is better ;

        Maybe the best can be 1/X cause there are many hometeams that don't have much power but can lead the first half against a defending awayteam. And in the second half the open away team can score and end X..

        So if we are trying to work on that topic i think we should talk about
        HT/FT 1/X @15.00

        TAHOMA's decision for 2/1 is good.. I made once profit with PORTO on this. But it's very risky.. And i don'T think it happens so often..

        Anyway.. Maybe i'm wrong.. Thats a good topic..
        Let's beat the bookies. And find the best teams for this..

        GOOD LUCK
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          I agree, that's a good idea. You don't have to bet much due to good odds, but patience is needed. Tahoma pointed out one possible way (to bet on strong teams to turn the score after losing at HT, for me it's useful for both home and away games). The second good option seems to me Euro Cup games, when one team need to score (mainly away goal) to confirm promotion and than don't need to play so good (for example after 2-0 home win they score an opening goal in second leg and than can lose 2-1 or 3-1 and still promote to next round).
          As I remember it happened (at least) two times this season in Czech teams games - Liberec beat AC Milan 2-1 after losing 0-1 at HT (Milan was 99% sure with next round) and the same in Sparta - Genk game 0-1 at HT and 4-2 FT (here I considered this A/H or H/A bet a lot).


            Real Madrid is certainly a team to use for 2/1 betting, or 1/2 betting if Real are away.

            Very often Real concede the first, and actually don't get going until the second half, when they steamroll the opposition.

            Odds of these turnaround bets are generally around 25 for 1/2 and around 30-33 for 2/1.

            THese odds are ofcourse based on huge statistical analysis, so don't expect to win too often.

            I would advise you to use teams like Man u, Real, Arsenal, Juventus, etc.
            Tahoma says it all: teams that have the strength to turn a match around anyway.
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              All these stats are when teams are playing at Home!
              Man. Unt. has only 1 game 2-1 and 0 games 1-2
              Real M. has 2 games 2-1 and 0 games 1-2

              2-1 "Top 5"
              1.Wattenscheid GerRegN 13 23 % (3 games from 13)
              2.Xamax SwissNLA 14 21 % (3 games from 14)
              3.Teplice Czech R. 12 17 % (2 games from 12)
              4.Hartlepool Eng Div3 21 14 % (3 games from 21)
              5.Notts County Eng Div2 21 14 % (3 games from 21)

              1-2 "Top 5"
              1.Samsun Turkey 13 23 % (3 games from 13)
              2.Setubal Portugal 13 23 % (3 games from 13)
              3.Farum Den SAS 9 22 % (2 games from 9)
              4.Karlsruher 2.Bundes. 14 21 % (3 games from 21)
              5.Arbroath Sco Div1 17 18 % (3 games from 17)

              1-X "Top 5"
              1.Kosice Slvk 1L 13 31 %
              2.Gretna Sco Div3 17 24 %
              3.Xanthi Greece 13 23 %
              4.Atalanta Italy A 14 21 %
              5.Como Italy A 14 21 %

              2-X "Top 5"
              1.Bohemians D. IRLPrem 14 29 %
              2.Tenerife SegundaDiv 15 27 %
              3.Teramo Italy C1B 15 27 %
              4.Xerez SegundaDiv 16 25 %
              5.Independiente Apertura02 12 25 %

              Some times statistical programs are useful


                Thanks a lot, explorer0! I was just about going to ask for about these statistics!


                  No problem tahoma,
                  I'll do anything for you :wink:


                    I made some researches about this subject in
                    My assumption was to consider best and worse teams of every league to understand:
                    1) which leagues are more interesting;
                    2) which teams, among the ones examined, have propensity to 1/2 (or 2/1).

                    I've inquired into 5 championships (England, Italy, Spain, France, Germany), checking all the results of 3 teams at the top and 3 teams at the bottom of the table.
                    Of course, I've searched for home wins as 2/1 and away wins as 1/2 for top teams, home defeats as 1/2 and away defeats as 2/1 for bottom teams.


                    Man Utd: 1 home (Sunderland), 1 away (Charlton)
                    Arsenal: 0 home, 1 away (Wba)
                    Chelsea: 1 home (Leeds), 2 away (Blackburn, Sunderland)

                    Sunderland: 2 home (Leeds, Chelsea), 2 away (Man Utd, Everton)
                    Wba: 1 home (Arsenal), 0 away
                    West Ham: 0 home, 0 away


                    Juventus: 0 home, 0 away
                    Inter: 0 home, 0 away
                    Milan: 0 home, 0 away

                    Torino: 0 home, 1 away (Chievo)
                    Como: 0 home, 0 away
                    Piacenza: 0 home, 2 away (Reggina, Lazio)


                    Madrid: 2 home (Rayo, Huelva), 1 away (Malaga)
                    Depor: 0 home, 0 away
                    Sociedad: 1 home (Racing), 0 away

                    Rayo: 0 home, 4 away (Malaga, Bilbao, Huelva, Madrid)
                    Huelva: 1 home (Malaga), 1 away (Madrid)
                    Alaves: 0 home, 0 away


                    Monaco: 0 home, 0 away
                    Lyon: 1 home (Bordeaux), 0 away
                    Marseille: 0 home, 0 away

                    Troyes: 1 home (Auxerre), 1 away (Psg)
                    Ajaccio: 1 home (Le Havre), 0 away
                    Sedan: 0 home, 0 away


                    Bayern: 1 home (Dortmund), 0 away
                    Stuttgart: 1 home (1860), 1 away (Nurnberg)
                    Dortmund: 0 home, 1 away (Nurnberg)

                    Cottbus: 0 home, 1 away (Hertha)
                    Nurnberg: 2 home (Stuttgart, Dortmund), 1 away (Hertha)
                    Leverkusen: 1 home (Hamburg)

                    Some considerations.
                    Top teams have 15 matches founded, bottom teams 22. It's most probable that a bottom team overtakes in first half than a top team being overtaken.
                    England (11), Spain (10) and Germany (9) seem more inclined than Italy (3) and France (4); specially italian and french top teams never distract, playing concentrated since beginning of the match.
                    Very interesting Sunderland (2/2) and Rayo (0/4): in my opinion we should care about Sunderland-Newcastle (next weekend) and Barcelona-Rayo (may 4).
                    Tahoma and Grefstad statement about Madrid and Man Utd is corroborated; since odds for this bet is around 25/30, just 2 events in all season makes this bet profitable.
                    It's to notice that big teams find themselves in trouble much more against small teams than against same level teams.

                    Of course this is a partial analysis, maybe many other things can be discovered checking leagues results fully.


                      How comes that when you bet on a home side to win, it leads at half-time but it ends with a draw in the end...
                      And how comes that when you bet 1 at half-time X at Final time, the home side wins...

                      :?: :?: :?: :?:
                      Very tricky question...
                      If we would know that we would be rich :!: :!: :!:
                      See ya!!!


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