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What happen if one team doesn't show up for the game?

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    What happen if one team doesn't show up for the game?


    Can anyone of you tell me what happen if one team doesn't show
    up to a game.
    I mean, that team will lose by 3-0 (here in Portugal), but how
    do Bookmakers deal with this?

    It's a win for the other team, or they cancel the bet?

    Thank you in advance

    Your bet will most probable be voided and you'll get your stake back. I'm not sure, but I guess this is what will happen.

    Has this happended to you :?:


      No, Tahoma, didn't happen to me ;-)
      This weekend this will happen in Portugal
      almost for sure, one team players are on strike.

      If i knew the the other team would win i would
      place a big bet on them :wink:

      Well, bad luck :evil:


        Which team is gonna be on strike ???
        Hasta la Victoria Siempre


          Portuguese II League

          Alverca x Farense

          Farense players anounced a strike for next game, they are not
          paid for 5 months now.
          There is still no agreement with club leaders.

          Anyway, if the agree with any proposal of the club and play
          in Alverca it will be a Alverca win for sure.
          Averca is 1st and needs the points to keep running for
          Motivation: i don't need to explain how Farense players
          are feeling

          Do you think they can consider a home win, bookmakers i mean :?:


            No way they'll consider a match as won if it is not played!!! All bookies have their rules and you can read on their sites, but I never saw that unplayed game is valid. Those games are voided. So, if you bet on Alverka, then you'll get your money back (if the match is postponed)...
            Ken Rosenberg: Of course my client looks guilty. Just because he looks guilty doesn't mean he is. You look like an idiot, but that doesn't mean you are.


              But they should 'couse it is a home win.

              The game will not be postponed, it will
              be considered a home win, a 3-0 win.

              Playing or not, there will be a winner, so they should
              consider this :!:


                Of course I'll be glad if you get money from them, but I think that in betting these two are same (postponed and not played matches). Even it is 3:0 to team that show on the picth.... that result is decided by footbal federation. In some cases, non-showing team may appeal and maybe have some valid gronds for their appeal and maybe the match will be scheduled again? I think that bookies are not going that far.

                Do you think that if that not-played match is 3:0, that it will be OVER bet?? Then you can bet on OVER, it.s a sure bet and a better odd, I think

                Anyway, GL with your bet
                Ken Rosenberg: Of course my client looks guilty. Just because he looks guilty doesn't mean he is. You look like an idiot, but that doesn't mean you are.


                  I'm sure the result is 3-0 in this case.
                  And the away team will not appeal for the federation
                  because it's their own players that are on strike.

                  Anf it's a legal strike. They sent the strike pre-warning to
                  the Ministry of Work.

                  Yes, OVER is better!

                  BUT, nothing is decided yet, and Farense players might
                  play the game.

                  When i have more news i'll post them here.


                    most of bookers have a timerule. I mean the game should have lasted 80-85 minutes for bet to stand. So if one team will strike the bet is cancelled


                      Helder, u have such a weird way to make some money... :lol:



                        I'm already searching for other strikes 8O



                          No way you're getting money from this.
                          KOFFIEBOER, YOU ARE MONSTER


                            Yeah, now i know but i had to ask to make sure :wink:

                            Because this would be a great bet :twisted:


                              Farense players give up of strike.

                              They will play against Alverca.
                              Anyway, if your bookie offers PT 2nd league
                              pick 1 on this game.


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