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    Originally posted by ber View Post
    Hello Raabe, what's your experience with asianconnect88 ? is definetely bad, i had very bad experience with them, their service are worse and worse. Price for their flawed API is inadequate. If you track consecutive IDs of bets, you can conclude that vodds has only about thousand bets per day from all customers. They are small and can act like PT in case some bettor will win too much.

    I didn't place any bets in asianconnect88 because I made an assessment of the available information that they are not credible.
    But it is rather big broker with long time on the market. It's up to you to decide whether to send them money or not.
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      sbobet voided bets in one case and didn't do it same case with similar odds
      But I am to speak about vodds behaviour in this case.
      Broker vodds stopped answering my emails after 3rd one when I caught them covering sbobet.
      Not mentioning that vodds deliberately made 8-hour delay in answering question, I suppose, they were imitated that "maybe they contacted bookie".
      vodds didn't contact sbobet at all as I asked for and when I asked directly whether did they - they changed subject of discussion without answering the question!
      vodds is in practice impolite. Don't fall under impression that they are polite when you're opening account.
      Vodds has shown its real face when they had troubles with neteller,skrill and bank account at the same time: during that period my question about another topic resulted in request of KYC documents.



        IBC voids a lot of winning bets. They will settle losing bets as lost and void winning bets on the same game. Really terrible and started today - already on 2 games. Be careful with IBC they changed

        IBC becomes another Signbet?
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          Stay away from ibc and sportmarket

          qual1ty00, for sure. I wish I had received your message earlier.
          In 2019 I got terrible signal: ibc is voiding regularly now

          All bets I made on same market. Game started at 22:30.
          07 Jan 2019 20:44:05 Bet 6619747627 done: 33.00 (of 33.00) @ 2.140
          07 Jan 2019 20:44:05 Order closed: order_filled
          07 Jan 2019 23:35:45 Bet 6619747627 void: 33.00 (of 33.00) @ 2.140

          Odds were moving. I placed big order with long time closing like 1 hour. Look at timestamps how ibc voided bets inside that order:
          07 Jan 2019 23:35:13 Bet 6619763160 void: 57.50 (of 57.50) @ 2.230
          07 Jan 2019 23:35:31 Bet 6619762912 void: 60.50 (of 60.50) @ 2.170
          07 Jan 2019 23:35:36 Bet 6619752300 void: 60.50 (of 60.50) @ 2.170
          07 Jan 2019 23:50:02 Bet 6619763650 void: 24.00 (of 24.00) @ 2.210
          07 Jan 2019 23:50:03 Bet 6619763194 void: 57.50 (of 57.50) @ 2.230

          ibc selectively voided bets they've lost after 1st Half ended But ibc left only 2 bets with odds like 2.0.
          Odds were corresponding with odds in the world. Not a problem with that.
          I remember how ibc voided bets on Real Madrid, so there is no difference what size is that market.

          ibc said:
          Due to abnormal bets ...
          Remember "abnormal bet pattern" used by singbet(sing2) as an excuse for stealing?
          sportmarket answered:
          As we are an intermediary, we can only reflect the bookie's grading and cannot influence their decisions.
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            I advise you: withdraw money from sportmarket when they will be able to send SWIFT bank transfer(now sportmarket cannot and it's a signal by itself).
            Sadly there is no other broker. But voiding bets that way is unacceptable.
            Last year I withdrew almost everything from vodds(had several cases with sbobet there), this year it's done with pair: sportmarket and ibc. I was sure sportmarket will be covering what ibc has done:
            we are not a bookmaker and we don't have a take into voiding bets or how bookmakers settle certain events
            Even more, sportmarket nodded me that they can remove ibc from my account:
            If you want to remove IBC from your betting portfolio, we will gladly assist you on that so you can avoid having issues like this in the future.
            Meanwhile sportmarket continues to show you ibc without an asterisk like sing2* misleading users about nature of ibc.


              Sportmarket found out that I have good % in sbo. So sportmarket has limited me like 5 times comparing to limits I still have for sbo in vodds.
              What sportmarket is doing is clear: sportmarket subscribed to my profits in sbobet. Sportmarket himself places additional 80% of actual limit to 20% they show as limit to me. Since I somehow found out a way to beat sbobet with best % among all bookies, sportmarket gets more profit now not from commissions, but sportmarket shears* winners taking 80% of winners' profits.
              I don't have good % in ibc and my limit for ibc is like 60 euro in sportmarket now comparing to like 80 I had year before. Almost the same ibc limits in sportmarket and vodds.
              In contrast with my limits in sbobet in sportmarket that were reduced significantly.


                its the same for all Molly-based brokers - I don't think brokers can do anything about it since it's IBC voiding these bets. The same happened with premiumtradings yesterday.


                  Current situation in Soccer brokers - complete review

                  qual1ty00, brokers earn from commissions or bite off winners' profits following their bets
                  Anyway brokers earn money only if client is still with them and makes turnovers. vodds suspends your account if you didn't make a bet in last 30 days.
                  If some broker(especially stubborn as the wall sportmarket) thinks client will stand that accelerating robbery (mostly from ibcbet/maxbet and sbobet) forever, they're wrong.

                  I looked web stats for 3 biggest brokers as for now.
         website is now 366376-rd in the world

                  But has now global rank position 331690 ! It is more popular that sportmarket! vodds was recently trailing far behind by indirect indicators.

                  It doesn't necessary means that vodds has more turnover. But vodds has 90% clients from Hong Kong, that guys have money for sure. Whilst has most clients from Greece and Switzerland, the last one looks like popular vpn-server location.
                  And don't forget that vodds has mirrors not included here. On the contrary, sportmarket closed it's bookmaker-like clone.

                  Still sportmarket is better in convinience of using website whilst vodds remodels its dashboard to the worst, I think. Vodds' support has much lower time of response.
                  Vodds has now SWIFT(and free!) bank wire transfers, sportmarket doesn't. 1 year ago situation was reverse. sportmarket is losing now according to reliable numbers of popularity in the world.

                  asianodds is more diversified but still is alike: 347848-rd website in the world

                  That's an interesting picture.
                  We see that world of brokers is rapidly changing. Rank goes up and down.
                  3 main brokers are in tough competition at this moment though that doesn't lead to better service.

         platform itself is used for betting with global rank of 337384 Gambit Research' betting software is used directly to offer betting by some agents/brokers like totusbet, mollybet's own agent.

                  Whilst agent Karl with is out of the game with 2280569-th position at the very bottom of internet. At the same graveyard premiumtradings, known for robbery of comrade efekan, is buried with 2803208-rd position
                  Nothing better is agent/broker with 1143807-rd position. But bet-ibc is a scam just like ibcbet/ibc/maxbet is.

                  P.S. Be aware of referral links. E.g., sportmarket offers up to €200 for each depositing player. Vodds bothers you with referral link everywhere on its interface. They want you to bring them your friends. Don't sell them your friends for €200.
                  Check the links before you click on it. If the link trails with "?affiliateid=", "/?refer=" and alike then the one that offered you that link wants to earn money on you and he doesn't care about your losses


                    Raabe, I read you always complaining and complaining and ok, it's a free world and of course you can do it but I don't understand what do you think you will achieve by doing it here.

                    Qual1ty00 has a point: if the bookie cancels a bet, there's nothing the broker can do and in the end it's the same situation for all brokers or even if you bet directly in the bookie.

                    So what's the point of looking at brokers' visit stats??
                    Just use the bookie that won't cancel your bet or stop betting.
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                      MNC, try to google distinction between betinasia and vodds, for example. Most info will be advertising and no one will tell you what lies beneath that ads.
                      I remember how I was thinking about the offer to send money to bank account as a "gift". People will not do complete search and they don't know many aspects of grey zone of soccer brokers.

                      Number of user IDs, public info of how many people use websites, number of voided bets are good estimates whether you can trust broker/agent.
                      I don't understand aim of your criticism. You don't add your experience with brokers here. You don't say anything constructive or anything that may help people do right choice. If all that you propose after the robbery is to wait for the next one as "there is nothing you can do" - I'm sorry for you, you are de-facto playing on bookie side.


                        my point is...that there is no point!
                        You can complain here and you have all the right to do it but it won't change anything. Bookies cancel bets just because they can (it's in the T&C we all accept) and because 99.99% of the people gets angry for 10 minutes max and then they forget and keep betting.
                        Same goes with brokers like mollybet, asianodds, etc: they are not responsible if bookies cancel bets and people will keep using them because it's comfortable not to have 5 different accounts to find the best price.
                        It's all part of the (unfair) rules and it's like complaining about european bookies limiting winning accounts. It will just keep happening.

                        And about advertising and lies, I would never give my money to a website I have no reference or opinion from friends and people I trust.

                        I appreciate you taking the time to post your experiences and opinions but again: nothing will change (at least not for the best).
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                          Dig into how soccer broker's economy works in addition to my previous post :
                          RATE PRODUCTS/SERVICES
                          0.125% Maxbet, Pinnacle Sports, Sbobet, BetISN, GA288
                          0.1% Matchbook, Skype betting, (Broker)
                          0.25% Singbet
                          0.08% Asianodds

                          And that's how much an affiliate of asianodds earns! Broker itself should receive same % or even more.
                          It's "Guaranteed LIFETIME Commissions - Keep earning as your referral keeps on betting!"
                          So once you've registered (clicked on referral link) that referral will be suscribed to your effective turnover (receive his %) forever.

                          Evidence from the actual affiliate of soccer broker:
                          The agent takes 0.125% commission and the platform takes 0.125% commission win or lose, from the bookie - i.e. the bookie is paying the agent to bring them the liquidity, because the model works on liquidity
                          Scammers from bet-ibc promises even more: "You will earn up to 0.4% commission of your player***8217;s total turnover."
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                            You're basiclly just talking to yourself in here, when I last visited this website maybe 3-4 months ago, you were writing a lot of the same, with no responses.. Nobody cares mate, and people will continue to use brokers and asia bookies in all future. Simply because its the only place you can bet if you plan on winning anything. So yes, you can have a few bets cancelled here and there in asia, but at all european bookies you get your account limits to 1 euro as soon as you win anything. So I will take the risk at the asian bookies any time over the so-called bookmakers in Europe who only accept losers.


                              Once you've been profiled as a winner, enormous amounts of your bets placed in sportmarket in ibc will be voided. If you have won enough or you see that your limits in sportmarket are significantly lower that in vodds, be ready that your bets will be voided. So there is no reason to gamble in at all since bet agent sportmarket is telling IBCbet and sbobet that you are a winner
                              Even small bets will be voided again and again. See what is happening to me. Single bet on that game, future normal order, small bet - it doesn't matter:
                              And, of course, IBCbet voided after game already finished:

                              So, if you are a winner indeed, there is no way you will get profits in sportmarket in 2019. When 1% of your turnover is stolen on regular basis you can only dream to get any profit after all, you will be only creating sportmarket 0.125% commissions from turnover.
                              ibc is covering its stealing under "abnormal bets" similar way that singbet does:
                              Attn:[Soccer] Due to abnormal bets, the match between "Cortulua -vs- Tigres FC" [COLOMBIA PRIMERA B - 4/2], bet ID: " 105893237524 " are considered VOID.
                              Vodds presents singbet with a clue (*) that they may void your bets, and they will.
                              Sportmarket is ok with fraud practices of IBCbet / Maxbet :
                              As an intermediary we cannot change the settlement or influence the bookie's decision. We can only mirror the settlement on our PRO platform.
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                                Thank you Raabe for posting this information, I think there are a lot of people who reads this thread.


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