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Betfair und BET-IBC Warning! Over 5500 euro stolen! Conclusion

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    Betfair und BET-IBC Warning! Over 5500 euro stolen! Conclusion

    Dear community

    In case you have not noticed, I have opened this thread as a warning.
    Wanted to wait until the mediation attempts of a mediator before I spread this theft, among others here.

    For about 2.5 years, I have a direct api Betfair account from Bet-Ibc and never had problems, so far. The account was used quite normally for bets and trades, had only on 1x2 on high-volume games and have paid 5-digit premium charges.
    You can see my last bets on the screenshot.
    Suddenly on 02.08.19 the account was closed by Betfair. Bet-Ibc informed me that they have received the following message from Betfair:

    "Your account has been closed permanently and is not to be reopened.
    The funds on the account are to be retained. This is all in line with our terms and conditions. "

    I had a balance of about 3200 euro on the account and made on 02.08.19 a deposit of 2300 euro. My last bets were from 28/07/19, meaning that I could not make a single bet with the deposit because the account closed shortly thereafter on the same day.

    As you can see, Bet-Ibc / Betfair can close anytime, anyone's account and steal your entire money with this justification!

    Have filed a complaint with Sportsbookreview. The whole, including the mediation attempts of the sbr Admins you can read in the sbr forum when you google 'bet-ibc warning closed Betfair Account' or go to the following link
    The mediation attempts with Bet-Ibc have all failed, even though the community is on my side and even the admin feels it is fair if the agent at least shared the damage with the client. But Bet-Ibc simply does not want to be responsible for their accounts. I can not turn to Betfair either because the agent created the account and that he is not interested in further steps to solve the problem with Betfair (eg Betfair dispute resolution, ibas..). The entire damage is simply passed on to the customer, although the agent himself admits that he does not know why the account was closed, nor who is responsible for the error.

    So do not be too surprised if you want to log into your account created by Bet-Ibc tomorrow and the account is suddenly closed, including all deposits are gone, because that's what happened to me.

    Kind regards
    Last edited by abbi; 11-10-19, 09:06.

    important Updates:

    Betfair has contacted me and told me that they seized all funds as a business decision.

    So Bet-Ibc told the truth and isnt to blame here.

    But how can it be that Betfair, the world biggest betting-exchange is seizing all funds of an innocent customer as a ''business decision''?

    [case solved]

    Yesterday evening Bet-Ibc sent me my money,

    thank you Bet-Ibc!

    [case solved]

    Last edited by abbi; 02-11-19, 08:32.


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