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    Betexplorer to Exel

    Some time back I downloaded an exel file that made possible to paste the BETEXPLORER results and see them in EXEL format.I can't find it now.Could you help me with this?

    Hi tiger,
    I think this is what are you looking for:
    one-two wrote:
    I was also interested in and I made a little excel sheet which transforms the data from the site into a suitable form. Just copy the results from the whole season with the odds from the site and paste it into the "PASTE" worksheet as it is given as example in the file (English Div. 1 last season) with Paste special... and then Text and then click on the "DATA" sheet. Thus it will be easier to explore the data and to arrange a model.

    I even think of creating a fully automated model where the only thing needed will be to copy/paste the current season data and the pick the two teams. We just need to refine the model to the best possible extent and this can only happen with odds evaluation.

    You can download the tool from

    I hope this will help to grab the data faster. Some bugs may appear but I think it should work Ok.


      I dont like those odds from betexplorer but unfortunately there is no other solution.

      The thing is that betexplorer shows max odds. This means that if a book makes a mistake with home and away teams, then it will show up in the odds given in betexplorer. for example Celtic's last game of the season last season
      Celtic Glasgow - Dundee Utd. 3.80 5.00 10.00 16.05.2004

      ...this is just a reminder for evrybody that will use those odds to check for things like this

      Thats why I liked betbase's odds more, cuz they were avg and things like this didnt affect them a lot


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