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Questions regarding the bet exchange market

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    Questions regarding the bet exchange market

    I know I've been asking lots of questions, but I'm just trying to learn the most I can about this market, so I would appreciate your help, as I'm about to go to the bank today and deposit funds, and before I do I want to be well-prepared.

    Two question:

    1) Mostly, the odds start at a certain point, and go up, sometimes they go down, but most of the times they go up, even if by little. So, when the certain bet type like "Match Odds" is "fresh" (new), do people back bets at all? I mean, why would someone buy 2.2 when he knows he will eventually be able to get 2.25?

    2) A minute ago, backing Peru (vs. Columbia) was @ 2.3 with 1258 euro of stakes availiable. Then suddenly it dropped to about 700 euros and switched to the lay section, why? Does this mean instantly the entire stake (1258 euro) was bet on by several people, and then other people requested 2.3, so it then appeared as lay?

    Thanks everyone!

    Hi, i will try to answer your question's.

    1) Well, it's simples a question of, "will someone think's the odd's are good enought?". I can tell you i had already taken odd's very early cause they were just to good. And later they finished dropping. But you are right, most of the time the early money is not tacken.

    2) Let's see this example, i give 500€ at 2.0 ( so, i lay a bet ). For the other person's, there will be 500€ avaiable to back at 2.0. Now, let's say that there's one request for betting. 300€ at 2.0. There will be 200€ avaiable. Then, another persion makes a bet of 500€ at 2.0, at that point the 200€ will be matched, and there will be a request on the lay side for 300€ at 2.0.

    Hope this was not mutch confusing answer.

    Best luck.


      Thank you very much sansuara


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