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Another bet exchange question please

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    Another bet exchange question please

    I spoke with someone who told me laying a bet at a certain odd and then backing it at a higher odd means no risk and only profit, but now I can't figure out why it is that way, and I can't find this person.

    Forinstance Columbia, was at 2.04 yesterday, and 2.20 now.

    I lay Columbia at 2.04 for 50. Now I back Columbia at 2.20 for 50.

    If Columbia wins = I lose 102 and win 60 (win 110 but i staked 50, so the profit is 60) = 42 loss (and i'm not including commision)

    If Columbia doesn't win = I win 50 and lose 50 = no profit no loss.

    Is the guy who spoke to me correct, or not? Didn't seem logical...

    Thanks for any help....

    Case 1 if colombia win then you lose only 52 as you lay at 2.04 and you win 60 the profit is 10
    Case 2 if colombia lose you win 50 and you lose 50


      OK wait...

      If I lay a bet at an odd of 2.0, for a stake of 50, and someone backs the bet, and wins. Do I then lose 50*2.0 = 100, but get my stake back (100-50 = 50 overall loss), or do I lose 100 on the bet (the stake does not return).

      Thanks for your help.


        you lose only 50 because the backer puts 50 and gets 100 his profit and your loss is the same which is 50


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