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sbobet violates rule 18.3

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    sbobet violates rule 18.3

    I made 2 live bets 5662433943, 5662429459 at ~6th minute for game Balikesirspor - MC Oran 13 July. As it turned out later game was played as 3 30-minutes spans each with totally different line-ups:
    1° Half : Litim, Halaimia, Mekkaoui, Bouchar, Sebbah, Ait Ouamar, Yettou, Feham (cap), Frifer, Chibane, Belel
    2° Half : Maazouzi, Blaha, Boudebouda, Bouchar, Sebbah, Heriat (Yettou 40'°), Gharbi, Guertil, Toumi, Mansouri, Hammar
    3° Half : Litim (Maazouzi 75***8217, Halaimia (Blaha 75'), Mekkaoui (Boudebouda 75'), Bouchar, Sebbah, Yettou, Ait Ouamar (Gharbi 75'), Belel (Guertil 75'), Chibane (Toumi 75'), Feham (Hammar 75'), Frifer (Mansouri 75')
    Despite the nature of this game changed into 3 mini-games with different squads sbobet refused to void bets.

    sbobet was offering live odds that are suitable for 45-minutes 1st Half:

    sbobet will not do that if they knew that period is 30 minutes only (odds shown will be incorrect at least for totals)
    That proves that sbobet did not have and did not provide to their customers information that game was playing in an unusual format 3x30 minutes.
    Clause 18.3 of sbobet rules clearly states:
    "Unless non regular time matches are expressly indicated on the website prior to all football matches, bets taken on such matches will be considered VOID."

    Making bets in live is a bad idea, especially in bookmaker that disregards clients.
    Have also in mind that if you make bets through broker then your channel of communication with sbobet will be hurdled as sportmarket distort information in both directions.

    First, I want to point out that communication through broker as an intermediate is slow and ineffective. I remember how I solved one case with pinnacle successfully for me only due to direct communication and quick feedback from them so I managed to provide the information they wanted.

    answer from sbobet:
    It's important to note that we offer full time and first half markets where bets are settled based on a regular playing time.
    We wish to clarify to you that clause 18.3 as stipulated in our Sports Betting Rules, does not apply to specific bets which were placed on full time market(s) due to the fact that the match in question had actually played a total of 90 minutes and is deemed as regular playing time.
    Our full time markets and its respective odds were offered by us correctly.
    On the other hand, first half period has ended after 30 minutes and hence, all bets had to be void.
    In their answer sbobet omitted the fact about different line-ups in each 3 30-minute spans and did not critically analized it.
    As soccer rules stands players that were substituted cannot take part in game anymore.
    Fifa rules defines that clearly: "A player being substituted can not come back on again"
    "the substituted player takes no further part in the match" source, page 20
    As the source I provided earlier proves, players that did not take part in 2nd 30-minutes span appeared in 3rd span.
    That's why that series of 3 friendly 30-minute games cannot be seen as one soccer match. Sbobet had to take that into consideration.

    Otherwise any battle of 90-minute length will be a football game if financial result is positive for a swindler. Even on sand, with 3 soccer balls instead of 1, with 6 players against 6, played on 1 half of standard soccer field, with smaller goal than standard 2.44m x 7.32m, etc.


      Bets should be voided because what was played could not be considered as one soccer game
      It does not meet the criteria of soccer game, it was series of 3 30-minute games played each in completely different squads (line-ups)
      In official facebook of MC Oran that line-ups are shown
      If this was one football match, then the substituted players could not appear on the field. It would contradict the rules of football: "the substituted player takes no further part in the match " source, page 20
      9 of 11 players of team MC Oran that played in first 30 minutes did not appear in second 30 minutes and then appeared again in 3rd period (some of them were substituted even twice!).

      That's why such series of 3 30-minute games cannot be considered as one soccer game and bets on such "game" must be voided.
      Format of game changed not to 3 period of 30 minutes length, but to 3 consecutive games in different line-ups each. I guess youth teams played first 30 minutes, main 11 players played in second 30-minutes period.

      sbobet doesn't need any rules to take your money, they do it voluntarily:
      However, please be advised that the rules used in friendly matches may differ than those employed in matches under formal competition or national league games, some notable example would be the unlimited substitutions.
      As advised, the market and odds are offered correctly in accordance with the match situation.
      Therefore, the manner on how the bets in question were settled is deemed correct and final.


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