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sbobet voids again (money flow goes wild)

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    sbobet voids again (money flow goes wild)

    Game FC Oberlausitz vs FC Energie Cottbus (played May 12, 2018 ~14:30)

    Bet placed 2018-05-11 20:22 sbo Half-Time Over 1.0 1.940 €55.00
    voided at 12 May 2018 12:58 as shown in Log (before game started)
    Bet placed 2018-05-11 20:33 sbo Half-Time Over 1.0 1.940 €100.00 , voided at 12 May 2018 same time

    Bet placed 2018-05-11 23:20 isn Half-Time Over 1.0 1.96 €9.00 (maximum limit )
    not voided, properly settled
    Remember that odds increased.

    Half-time ended 2-0.

    Odds history:
    11.05.2018 19:21 Over 1.25 2.19
    11.05.2018 20:31 Over 1.25 2.26 (pinnacle)
    11.05.2018 20:59 Over 1.25 2.31
    At 12May in morning Over 1.25 2.17-2.31

    11.05.2018 19:22 Over 1 2.05 (!)
    11.05.2018 19:57 Over 1 1.97
    11.05.2018 20:07 Over 1 1.94

    It looks like some creative bookie got a lot on Under 1 for exactly Half-Time.
    That's why there was peak of 2.05 at 19:22
    Then odds for Over 1 dropped.
    I took it at 1.94 at 20:22 - 20:33
    Then odds increased in pinnacle Over 1.25 to 2.31 and isn correspondingly Over 1 to 1.96
    In next morning pinnacle was stable on this several time going up to 2.31
    I guess bookies got a lot on Under 1 ~1.9 and then tried to overstate odds for Over 1 & Over 1.25 to equalize money flow on both sides Over-Under.

    Actual odds of Over 1.25 2.31 are nothing different from Over 1 1.94 at that moment.
    The other is world line moving as usual (asynchronously, sometimes with high amplitude) and "optimistic" odds correction due to enormal money set on one side.

    As part of our effort to ensure our customers are informed of this, we have then posted announcement ID: 37573 on the website explaining why bets have been voided, which I quote below:
    Football: Due to incorrect 1st Half O/U, bets on match between "Oberlausitz Neugersdorf -vs- Energie Cottbus" taken at 1st half O/U [1.00], effective from 12:20:12 PM (05/11) to 12:00:56 AM (05/12) are rendered VOID invoking General Sports Rules no. 15. Actual 1st half O/U was [1.25].
    Clearly the bets in question are amongst those that had been placed at incorrect O/U line 1.00 as described in the above announcement. Therefore, they had been rendered VOID.
    And those who took Over 1 2.05 to 1.9 are bad, bad guys! Void their bets! Steal their profits!

    Update. Don't think that migration from sportmarket to vodds will be a saviour.
    Singbet-style policy of sbobet is applied to vodds account too.
    The only differ is time when you will know about your bet is voided. Sportmarket shows information almost instantly while in vodds it seems to be proccessed manually.


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