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Join Date: Jul 2011
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Default **WC POD 1/07/2018**

Here are main rules, you will find others here:

Price booty will be a bit higher than for regular POD, 1st place will be awarded with 150 EUR, second place with 100 EUR and third place will bring 50 EUR!

Here are the rules:

The Competition

The competition has the purpose to gather the best bets of a certain day of WC 2018. It's for fun, but the competition can also be a good place for tipsters to find picks quicker than browsing all pages. You can place your Pick of the day and score points if it satisfies the conditions that are stated below. The competition lasts one month and in that period, a contestant must give exactly 8 picks. YOU CAN ENTER THE COMPETITION UNTIL IT IS POSSIBLE TO PICK EIGHT POD-s. It means, entering competition after only 7 days of the WC left, is not possible. Every missing pick till 8 at the end of the month will be punished with -100 points per missing pick.
You must be a registered user of this forum to participate. You must have a unique IP address, not more than one competitor can use the same address.
Odds must be between 1.50 and 3.50 and only odds taken from these 3 bookmakers are allowed:


You must write arguments for your pick or at least give a link to a prediction on BA main page, written by yourself.
About the conditions

You can only give one pick per day. Your pick must be different to all other placed picks, but you can back another team/player in the same game as someone else has taken. For your pick to count, it must be posted at least 1 hour before the event starts.

You cannot back the same team/player as someone else even if you take a different bet type (for example handicap bet, different game total etc.). But this rule applies only for quarterfinals/semifinals/finals of the WC!!! In the group phase of WC and in 1/8 finals you can take picks that were already taken by other users!!!

You can take these bet types (but only inside allowed odds from 1,50 to 3,50!):

-Asian handicap bets (final or HT)
-European handicap bets (final or HT)
-Over/Under bets (Game total) (final or HT)
-Home/Draw/Away bets (final or HT)
-Double Chance (1X,12,X2)
-Both teams to score (Yes/No)
-Half time/Full time
-Player to score (anytime scorer, first scorer)
-Number of corners (final or HT)
-Number of cards
-First team to score (Yes/No)
-Second team to score (Yes/No)
-number of goals scored team 1/team 2

You must write the correct bookie and correct odds in the time of your posting.


A pick that was wrong will cost you 100 points. When you've made a correct pick, and it satisfied the conditions, you will gain 100 (Odds-1) points. For example, a successful pick @ 1.85 will give you 85 points. This is the net profit if you had staked 100 units. Asian Handicaps will be calculated accoringly to the net profit. It is not allowed to pick odds below 1,50 and above 3,50.
The contestant that scores the highest number of points with 8 picks, will win the monthly competition. In case he fails to give 8 picks, 100p-for every missing pick- will be deducted from his score.
To win Special WC POD you MUST make 8 bets ! Hopefully we will have time to update the standings everyday, but there may be some delays from time to time.

Good luck to all!!!!!
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Join Date: Jul 2011
Posts: 613
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Pick #2
Denmark - Croatia
Pick: draw
Odds: 3.50 @ Bet365

Croatia left great impression after group stage. They won very strong group consisting Argentina, Nigeria and Iceland, but to be honest I'm far to overestimate those results. First of all victory over Argentina should be in normal circumstances lower. It started by fatal mistake of Willy Caballero. Than Albicelestes had to open up the game and Croatia punished them after counterattacks. Today they will face Denmark who are look in my eyes as a very solid team. They have very talented generation of players lead by Tottenham star Eriksen. They are typical to Scandinavian teams well organized in the back and have very good physical conditions. Set pieces, headers etc. it all will very tough to win for Croatians. Denmark defence allowed only one goal so far and even they have some problems with scoring goals they are surely capable to stop Croatia offence and lead the game into the overtime. In sum draw is my call here.
1-1 pick won!

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kampas is an unknown quantity at this point

Pick 2 (1-0-0, +140)
Football World Cup
16:00 Spain - Russia
Spain -1.25 @2.53 - SBOBet

Spain maybe doesn't play this tournament well but for sure have more quality than hosts. In group matches they let opponets to score 5 goals (De Gea playing poor).
Russia demolished in first game Saudia Arabia, then score 3 goals against Egypt but in last game the showed their real potential and lose with Urugay 0-3 playing with 10 men. Before World Cup they draw with Spain 3-3 but i don't see they capable doing this today too. Spain won't let to play extra time at this stage and should easy win this game even with 2-3 goals.
1-1 Pick lost!

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Pick # 3 (0-0-2...-200)
WC-Last 16

Pick: Draw
Odds: 3.40
Bookie: Bet365

Except first game where Peru outplayed Denmark from all points of view Denmark looked very pragmatic. They played for a point in both vs Australia and France. They werent really tested by a talented France side, as they used reserves so is fair to say Denmark looked not impresive. They just did what they had to do to get out of group stage. I believe there is more to this side but its either their not great shape or this ultra defensive game, we shall see tonight. My guess its something between this two but fact remain and that is Denmark is solid team, hard to beat, well organised and croats will really have to dig deep. Croatia catch the eye of the public after dominating their group but we saw how Argentina looked, you can not really asses a team by playing that mess of a team. Croatia only hard game was against Nigeria where they didnt impress me, they needed a gift from african defense and from there they just saw the game off. Solid outfit, decent coach, some great players. But imo this arent so different, is just the momentum and public perception that give croats this kind of odds. But i think will be a lot closer than odds suggest, similar to Nigeria game, but the difference is the danes dont usually make gifts, this is a grity side that make you earn every inch and in this sort of knock out stage safety comes first and both teams looked organized so it will take a moment of magic or a mistake to open the deadlock. So for me there is bit of value on danes, but they havent really show like clicking offensivelly and since they will be defensive oriented, draw has good chances here.
1-1 pick won!
My country is the world...and my religion is to do good.

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Default Pick #3

Standing: 0/0/2 (-200)

Football, World Cup
16:00 Spain - Russia
Pick: Spain (-1.5) AH @2.78 - Pinnacle Sports

Now it***8217;s the perfect time for Spain to demonstrate the value of the squad. Not been impressive at group stage matches, showing strugglings even but still, remaining as 2nd World Cup seed and having open road to the final.
From the previous games, Russian has showed their max, IMO. Playing solid vs Saudi Arabia and Egypt but falling againt top sides like Uruguay. The hosts are playing slowed, phisicly are not on some level as other top sides, defending all the time means working a lot, running a lot, playing the best but still failing to keep clean sheet.
With the Spanish quality present and their way of style, loving to have the ball in their position, the hard task match could become even harder for Russia. The real competition and the biggest games starts now for both sides.
IMO, Russia has nothing to lose today but still don***8217;t see power of their game to be hard competitive. The slow game, the slow movements, the hard defensive game plan it***8217;s not the weapon against Spain.
From that point of view, bealive that Spain has the advantages to be favourite at this game. If manage to put their game properly since the begging of the match, I see very possible comfortable win for the favourites.
Good luck!
1-1 pick lost!

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Vossietheref is an unknown quantity at this point

Pick #5 (1-3)
Denmark - Croatia
Pick: Croatia HT
Odds:2.68@ Pinnacle

we have here denmark (eriksen joergensen schoene) against Croatia(mandzjukic modric).
Looking at the past wc games denmark had a solid performance and eased through the groupphase, more impressive was the winnings from Croatia though, such a solid team with some class players. Overall this shouldnt be a hard game to predict..only outcome i see is a clear Croatia win..overall better players and more fightingspirit against a reasonable techinical skilled danish team

Last matches: CROATIA
26.06.18 WC Iceland Croatia 1 : 2
21.06.18 WC Argentina Croatia 0 : 3
16.06.18 WC Croatia Nigeria 2 : 0
08.06.18 FI Croatia Senegal 2 : 1
03.06.18 FI Brazil Croatia 2 : 0

last 5 matches denmark
26.06.18 WC Denmark France 0 : 0
21.06.18 WC Denmark Australia 1 : 1
16.06.18 WC Peru Denmark 0 : 1
09.06.18 FI Denmark Mexico 2 : 0
02.06.18 FI Sweden Denmark 0 : 0

predictable match denmark will defend and defend and sometimes do an outbreak
from beginning croatia will attack full force and will score before end of half time by mandzjukic modric or perisic....
predicted half time score Croatia 1-0
(for your betters out there final score 3-1 croatia)
1-1 pick lost!

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WKSkofu is an unknown quantity at this point

Pick 3 -200

Croatia- Denmark
Pick Croatia -0.5 AH 1.84 Pinnacle

Croatia showed one of the best football in RUssia. They may be the black horse of the tournament, they have easily shedulle, very good players and form.
Denmark are one of the worst (form) teams in 1/8 when we remind how avaregly they played in the group stage.
Croatia have very good midfield with Modric, Rakitic, experienced players...
They know that they lost last 2 big tournaments in first game of KO after OT (vs Turkey and Portugal). They should win in 90 minutes.
Modric won 4 CL with Real, Mandzukic, Rakitic and many more players like Lovren, Subasic are playing in top, big firms.
Croatia won all 3 games in the group stage and won 3:0 with Argentina and 2:1 with Iceland playing 9 deputees from first minute!
1-1 Pick lost!

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Pick 1

Croatia vs Denmark
Pick: Denmark +0 AH
Odds: 3.50 at bet365

Game takes place at the Stadion Nizhny Novgorod, between Croatia and Denmark. Croatia successfully overcame a hard group which features the mighty Argentina, Nigeria and Iceland. Their squad consists of just 22 men since Kalinic was sent home since the start of the contest. But today they have no new missings.

Denmark finished behind France in the group that features Peru and Australia. The Danish boys have proved that they could play against any teams, even France failed to penetrate their stone-made back line. For this match, K. Kvist is doubtful. Other than that, they have a healthy squad.

Croatia are my favorite side. They have stars in their squad. But they often fell short in big competitions. In facts, the last time they reached semi final was 1998, when me helped scoring six goals and eventually won the golden boot. On the other hands, Denmark are tricky team with strong defense and can produce deadly counters. They are capable of upsetting Croatia.
1-1 Pick void!

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Pick#7 2w/3l/1hl -3

Russia - Spain

Pick: over3.5
Odds: 3.25
Bookie: Bet365

It's tricky to bet on goals in knock-out stages, but I guess, just like yesterday, we might see great football with lot of action on the pitch.
First of all, both teams are far from reliable defensively. With Russia it's been known for years, they got lucky to have in group rivals like Saudis or Egypt, who couldn't take advantage of it, but Uruguay exposed them easily. So surely it's expected for Spain to do the same. Russia simply has no tools to do anything against them. On other hand, Spain used to be known as defensively well organized team, which is hard to beat. But lately they've been anything but that. This World Cup is another proof. Poor shape, lot of positional mistakes, lack of communiction, basically in every game there are silly mistakes which leads to goals. These are the things which keeps me away from backing Spain. They can easily score 2-3 against this Russia, but if they'll continue with such defensive display, they will surely concede some. Russia surely will try to attack, under Cherchesov they doesn't play defensive football and always tries to attack, take the risk. IMO it's obvious that if they want to succeed tonight, they must score and not defend 0-0 blindly, as they simply aren't capable to do this throught 90mins against offensively gifted team like Spain, it will be only a matter of time when will they concede.
So I expect pretty open football here. Both teams has own strenghts and weakenesses and if they'll demonstrate it once again, we might very well see highscoring affair. GL
1-1 pick lost!

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Pick # 4 (1-1-1) -10
Spain - Russia
Pick: Spain more than 2.5 goals
Odd: 3.00

Russia looked good in the first two games against Saudi Arabia and Egypt but against Uruguay they showed that their defence is not good enough against the top teams losing the match with 0-3. Russia has a slow defence and with Iniesta, Isco and D. Silva Spain has enough speed to take advange. A friendly last year ended in a 3-3 draw and Spain were without D.Costa and D.Silva in that match. I expect Spain to also score at least 3 goals today and win this match easily.
1-1 pick lost!

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Kane1910 is an unknown quantity at this point

Pick 7 3W/3L +133
Croatia - Denmark
Pick: 1/1
Odd: 3.1

Croatia performance is rally good so far - against Nigeria it wasn't maybe best disposition but they won quite surely. In second match Argentina had higher ball possesion but in goal attempts Croatia was better. Even against Iceland when 1/8 final was sure and there were several changes they won.
Denmark luckily won against Peru - Peru had many occasions (with penalty). In second match Australia was closer to win. In third match the draw against France but that result was good for both sides.
I think there is high chance than Croatia will lead in first half.
1-1 pick lost!

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Pick #6
So far 3/0/2

20:00 Croatia v Denmark, take Over 2,5 goals @2,84 Pinnacle

Well more or less we are now seeing that from 1/8 finals on we have a totally different competition. Poorer teams are out and what remained are competent, strong squads which of course are able to score anytime.

Yesterday, we saw a beauty between Argentina and France and also a very interesting match between Uruguay and Portugal- against all odds, both went over.
Still, we are once again getting remarcable odds for goals today and already on Russia Spain it is obvious that it could easily go over again.

Why would we see goals in Croatia v Denmark. Well, Croatia are stronger of the two, actually one of the top teams here in Russia and for sure it is not in their interest to involve themselves in low scoring, grinding match. They have so many scoring options so that they will try to score early for sure.
On the other side, Denmark must be aware of the fact that without scoring they won`t have a chance and with Eriksen they have a player who is capable to give Denmark advantage at set pieces.

So, what I see here is a good match, goals on both sides and Croatia to win 3-1!

1-1 pick lost!
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Pick #6 (4W-0V-1L) (+326)

Event: World Cup 2018 Russia
Match: Croatia - Denmark
Pick: Over 9 corners
Odds: 2.00
Bookmaker: bet365

Great results from Croatia in the group phase but i don't think that they deserve to be that much favorites here, maybe on a first look, but this match hides many secrets in behind, especially from Denmark side. I expect more possession from Croatia and play from the wings as imho Denmark will focus on defense and transition. Denmark also love shots from distance and set pieces. Croatia must search their chances from distance shots, crosses and through balls. Midfield will be crowded so wings and back must add more spaces and width to attacks. Because of the game play from both teams i expect good amount of corners in this match.
6 corners pick lost!

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Pick no. 7
3 1 2 +373
Croatia - Denmark
Pick: Over 2.5
Odds: 2.73 - PINNACLE

Russia just eliminated Spain and the winner of this game will play against them. So both Croatia and Denmark can basically be in semifinals. Now both teams are super motivated because both are better than Russia, Spain were just epic failures. I think with this huge added, motivation boost for both Croatia and Denmark we will definitely see more open game. This game was supposed to be slow and boring with a lot of defending, but Russia in quarters changes everything and now I expect fully attacking game because both Croatia and Denmark will want to sieze this huge, once in a lifetime opportunity.
1-1 pick lost!

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