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18-08-06, 20:05
Hello to all. First of all i will try to be objective in my analysis.Secondly you must pay attention to our league this year because it is first time that our local bookie have in coupon all matches except Olympiakos matches.
Lets see what transfers made the teams this year.


The team which the last 10 years won 9 times the champion.Last year the problem was the defence, everybody in the team is dreaming a good Champions League road this year and Greek league is in second role. In friendly matches shows a very impressive profile.

Boutina (GK from Club Brugge), Zewlakov (Def from Anderelecht), Ne (Mid from Beveren), Domi (Def from Espaniol), Borxa (Att from El Nacional), Pappas (Att, back from loan), Ouantou (Def from Rennes), Cezar (Def from Tigres), Mendrinos (Mid from Ionikos).

Tourre (Monaco), Venetidis (free), Maurogenidis (Hraklis), Sourer (Malaga), Kyriakos (Aris), Vallas (loan in Larissa), Chovnaninsian (loan in Aigaleo).

Friendly matches: Anderlecht 1-2, Giablonenz 2-0, Verder Vremen 4-0, Arminia Bielefeld 3-3, Blackburn 5-0, Stutgart 0-1, Sociedad 5-1, Aigaleo 2-0, Magiorka 2-1,
West Ham 1-1.


The champion of the transfers due to the last transfer of PAOK's Salonika attacker, Salpiggidis.The team in the last 10years has only one champion in Greek league and this year they want to be again the leader.The big problem is that till January they lost due injury their best midfielder last year Argentinian Eki Gonsalez. Panathinaikos has a new coach Hans Bake from FCK Denmark. In friendly matches was not so good as their fans expected.

Romero (Mid from Racing Club), Salpiggidis (Att from PAOK), Antonson (Def from Austria Vienna), Bovio (Mid from Malaga), Victor (Mid from La Corounia), Ivancic (Mid on loan from Salzburg).


Charalambidis (Mid ,PAOK), Torgele (Att,PAOK),Voouter (Mid Al Ragial), Stathis (on loan to Panachaiki), Gantzev (mid to Levadiakos), Pliagas (Mid to Levadiakos), Triposteris (Def to Anorthosis).

Friendly matches: Chatigion 15-0, Chochaux 2-2, Celta 1-1, Saouthampton 1-1, Apollon Smyrnis 1-0, Atromitos Athens 1-0, Anderlecht 1-0.

AEK Athens

This year is in Chamions League qualifications won 2-1 away Hearts and waiting Thursday’s match to Athens to get in Champions League groups. That means a lot of money into their account. New coach new players very good appereance in friendly matches and of course an impressive away win in CL match.

Zikos (Mid from Monaco), Delibacic (Att from Magiorka), Tozer (Mid from Ferencevaros), Hetemai (Mid from Helsinki), Paoutaso (Def from Indepentiente), Lagos (Mid from Hraklis), Fysekis (Gk from Alexandroupolis), Mantouka (Att on
loan from Benfica), Ounteze (Def from PAOK), Kampantahs (Att from Panionios),
Papastathopoulos (Def from Niki Volou).


Soares (Att, Anorthosis), Katsouranis (Mid to Benfica), Malbasa (Att, Comblenez), Vienlinski (Att, Cernomorets), Kontis (Def to APOEL), Krassas (Att to Apolon Kalamarias), Chanko (Mid to Hammarby), Portoulidis (Mid on loan to Asteras Tripolis), Sapanis (free), Koutroumanos (Def on loan to Thrasimvoulos), Komvolidis (Att on loan to Thrasivoulos), Bourbos (Mid on loan to Kerkira).

Friendly matches: Gronting 5-0, Bourghaousen 4-0, Pribram 1-1, Napoli 1-0, Benfica 3-1, Chaidari 1-3 and Ionikos 1-1.

From my point of view Hraklis fc, Atromitos fc, Aris fc and Xanthi fc will fight between positions 4-7.

has a very strong side at home, from last year team lost an important player Lagos (Mid, to AEK), add an important defenser (Mayrogenidis from Olympiakos) and keep Zoel Epale (the most important player last year for the team).In last friendly matches against Apolon Kalamarias (defeat 0-1) and vs Atromitos (defeat 1-3) didn’t play well. If Hraklis improve away appereances and get results it will not be a surprise for me the 4th place.


Team located in Athens.Last year took the 7th place in the league. Made two important transfers for me. Anderson (Mid from Panathinaikos) and Loutsiano De Soouza (Mid from Panionios). Also bought two South Americans players (both defencers from Zouventoudes and Gremio), and for me will be very tough at home even for the first three teams in the league.

Came from second division, a club with big history and fanatic audience at home. Many things changed this year in the team.First of all Ronaldinio’s brother took the management of the team.For that reason came 14 !!! new players ( 10 of them from abroad….specially South Ameicans and Spanish players) and 13 !!! left. It will take time for the team to find the right hemistry with so many new players.For sure will be better than two years ago when relegated to second division but noone can say where the team can go.


The most stable team in the last years in Greek league. This year bought players in attack which was the weak point of the team last year. Zisis Vryzas, Emmanouel Olizantebe and Fogaza from Naval will change team’s attacking behaviour for sure.
Pay attention that last year team was undefeated at home.



Larissa fc all this years is a good team at home and a weak team away.Played already in Intertoto so you can say that the team is more ready from the other teams. Bought a very good known defender Basila (French) and with Vallas (from Olympiakos) and experienced Dabizas (ex Newcastle etc), their defence will be better than last year.In midefield they have good players but the problem is in attack. From my point of view it will be harder for the team than last year.


Two average teams which every year they are fighting for higher positions and at the end are below 10th place (specially Ionikos). This year things will be harder for those two teams since they didn’t make any big transfers. Ionikos players Fabinio and Da Costa are very good players but the problem is that an important mid player Sotirxos injured during friendly match against AEK and will be out for the next 6 months.
Both teams are good at home, the problem is away.


Finally we have PAOK, an historical team with a lot of fans but……………..with no money with no people who cares about the team and they want only to earn from the team and not to give for the team. The situation today is totally mess after the transfer to Panathinaikos Salpiggidis (first scorer last year for the team and for the Greek league). The reactions from the fans are huge, nobody cares about the teams results and all of the people wants the president to quit the team.But they didn’t ask him yet…..
Anyway it is difficult to predict how the team will react but looking at the squad except Gk Fernardez and Mid Zagorakis all the others…..i don’t think that they will make the difference this year.



I believe those teams will fight to avoid relegation this year. Panionios fc and Ofi fc have less possibilities and the 4 others will fight hard.

I know that some people will agree some others will disagree for my analysis. We will be here during the league to discuss further teams, players, referees.

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Thanks Greek, great job!

20-08-06, 20:06
Could someone publish here probable lineups of the teams? Thanx...

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I am looking for stats about under/over in home/away games in Greece second league ?

19-01-07, 00:53
I am looking for stats about under/over in home/away games in Greece second league ?

You wants stats for last games of the teams i second division?