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31-01-12, 13:40
Bingo770 (http://track.acf-webmaster.com/bingo770/en/?idaffiliation=111518&member=acf&creferer=platform:banner5323)

Be tempted by the world of Bingo. Bingo770 (http://track.acf-webmaster.com/bingo770/en/?idaffiliation=111518&member=acf&creferer=platform:banner5323)is giving you the chance to try out this famous game for free and is offering you £7.70 with no previous deposit required, so you can buy your first grids.

Taking advantage of this exclusive offer couldn’t be any easier!

1. Register for free and with no strings attached, in less than 2 minutes in the Register section.
2. Send an e-mail to promos@bingo770.com entering £7.70 Introductory Offer as the subject.
3. Your account will then be automatically credited and you will be able to enjoy up to 770 free grids!

http://outils.acf-webmaster.net/bannieres/bannieres/111518/acf/5323.gif (http://track.acf-webmaster.com/bingo770/en/?idaffiliation=111518&member=acf&creferer=platform:banner5323)

Terms and Conditions

- offer limited to one player per household and/or computer.
- bonuses cannot be cashed, and remain the property of Bingo770
- in order to withdraw and convert your winnings into real money, a minimum deposit of £10 must be made and the bonus amount must be bet 20 times
- Bingo770 (http://track.acf-webmaster.com/bingo770/en/?idaffiliation=111518&member=acf&creferer=platform:banner5323) is within its rights to cancel this offer at any given time

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