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09-12-11, 07:45
Next Sunday there's going to be organised a prediction tournament on the fb application upredict.it , it's free to partecipate and the winner will get 25euro from 1bet.com , This competition will be organised on regular basis so I think it's a good chance where we all can get free bets. Partecipate now on www.upredict.it

09-12-11, 17:01
Register Register and Register guys cause Sunday is soon with us for the 25euro tournament!

13-12-11, 08:33
Hey guys , Just to let you know that next weekend tournament is online, another chance to win a 25 euro free bet, Here's the link to the application


13-12-11, 08:35
You can also log in from www.uPredict.it

16-12-11, 07:51
Last 24 hours left to those who haven't yet particpated, till now 19 people with the chance to win a 25 euro completly free bet!

22-12-11, 07:44
Hey guys, First of all I would like to congratulate Mr Domenico Miranda for winning last week's tournament, he took home a nice prize of 25 euro from our parters 1bet. Another tournament has been uploaded sponsored by 1bet and this will be played next Monday 26th, so hurry up and predict your football scores for FREE on http://www.upredict.it/app/ with the chance to take home, the prize of 25 euro!! May the best football expert win..

28-12-11, 17:43
4th tournament is online , it will be played on the 31st. Visit now http://www.upredict.it/app/ and insert your results. Good Luck predictors. Don't forget that winner takes home 25 euro free bet!

04-01-12, 07:09
The tournaments is back online and games will be played next Saturday/ Sunday. Predict now!