View Full Version : Trotting 3.10

03-10-05, 14:34
Tireld - Fykeneld

Leangen (Norway) Race 3.
In my eyes, incredible odds here. Tireld could really WIN this race, while Fykeneld is among the worst 5 horses in this 15 horses race. Really, these are'nt similar horses, there is a huge class diference here. Even when there are so many prticipants (wich I don't like), we have a bet as sure as it comes. Plus this stupendous prices... well.
I don't take it with full stakes just for one reason: it's too good to be that easy. Anyway, a solid 8/10 will do.

Pick: H, Odds: 1.80, Stake: 8, Bookmaker: Unibet