View Full Version : Dannero (Sweden) Lunch races

19-09-05, 11:04

For today's races at Dannero, I think there are a couple of good props:

Dalagårds Souci - Seagram Sund @1.90
Dannero Lunch Race 2
5/10 Units


Cronos F.C. - Knockout Victory @1.33
Dannero Lunch Race 2
7/10 Units

Both from Expekt. I searched the other bookies and nothing special jumped to my eyes.
In the first pick, if Seagram Sound manages not to gallop, it's a quite sure bet, I think. But due to the high risk of galloping, I will stake 5 units only. Dalagars Souci has seen better days, and this year its performance is rather poor. only 1 victory in 17 races...
Regarding the second pick, it is one of these "contender against second class H2H" that I love. Moreover in a 15 horses race, wich makes it a safer bet, IMO.
Good luck!

19-09-05, 12:25
Only the first pick won.

Some units gained, though...