View Full Version : Vermo 10.8.

10-08-05, 12:21
Kvintetti - Waldemar 1 1.80 @ Nordicbet

Kvintetti has performed trustworthy lately. He should be close to the top even in this tough race. He's not a real winner type but follows well in even fast speed. Waldemar was very good last year but this year the lack of speed is becoming a problem. This results in gallops, 5 gallops in 8 latest races... He will fave similar problems today which makes Kvintetti a nice bet.

Koh Samui - Mr Nice Guy 2 2.00 @ Nordicbet

IExpekt offers 1.80 for both. Koh Samui has a better starting bib and is strenghtened by Ari Moilanen on the sulky. Mr Nice Guy has a lousy bib but won Koh Samui despite racing outside him all the time. Unless Mr Nice Guy gallops he should have a fine chance.

Izor - Viking New Way 1 2.00 @ Nordicbet

Izor has been very good lately. The conditions today might be wet which favours him. Pekka Korpi has had a brilliant year so far. Viking New Way has returned from a break and hasn't really impressed me. I'd switch the odds other way to Izor's favour.

Izor - Stoneisle Aaron 1 1.80 @ Expekt

Stoneisle Aaron's performance last time was hailed great. In my opinion he was lucky to gallop in the beginning. That way he avoided the overfast speed in the beginning and saved his strength and finished third. Izor is the better horse of these two.