View Full Version : Danish 1st division - Viborg vs Vejle

19-10-09, 16:21
Average: 2,69 3,45 2,35

Viborg: Played poorly and only drawed 1-1 against what might be the worst team in the league, Brabrand. Viborg simply cant beat bad teams, yet they play good against equal teams(won 1-0 vs AC Horsens)

Vejle: Won 1-0 versus AC Horsens in a close rivalry match, which was a very tactical, yet well played match.

Pick: Under 2.5, 5/10(my bookies havent got it up yet), draw @ 3.45, 3/10

Explanation: Equal matches between promotion candidates(although Viborg certainly have outplayed their role in that matter) usually ends up goalless or like 1-0 or so. I expect a low scoring match, problaly 0-0 or 1-1.

I will try to put out more information in squads etc..