View Full Version : Barclay English Premiership Odds to Win Outright 2005/2006

24-05-05, 19:00
Chelsea -110
Arsenal +250
Man Utd +275
Liverpool +2500
Newcastle +10000

well other teams odds are high no point in writing them

CHelsea and Arsenal should again battle but still have to wait and see
if any of these 2 teams will have any signings and transfers but still
even if they do i think arsenal and chelsea will still be able to be 1st and 2nd ARsenal + 250 odds are pretty good they been playing really good
at the end of the season i think arsenal will be able to face chelsea
nose to nose at the end of the season with equal in points

who do u guys like?

24-05-05, 21:22
Why don't you do 2008 and 2012 while you're at it? :roll:

Stop posting such threads, you have been warned once.