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02-04-03, 06:38
Yesterday I posted my pick number 15 in this competition. The pick was successful and I ended up on 7th place with 2084 points, which I'm happy for. :)

I hope these guys will finish the competition:

hops, Lukasz, Azilis, AC_28, SpEEdY, reuf vatreni and DUKSY. You have all less than 4 picks left, so please post them this week!

My pick of the day is:

Croatia (-2) - Andorra (+2) @ 1.80 (NordicBet)

This is a normal handicap, so Croatia needs to win by 3 goals! But I have also covered this bet with the draw (Croatia beat Andorra with exactly 2 goals). Croatia won at home to Belgium on Sunday with 4-0 and I don't think they will have a problem to finish this game with simular result. More discussions about this game in the subforum "Internationals/Euro2004".

Good luck!

Arbiter Elegantiarum
02-04-03, 06:49
Poland(-2,75)-San Marino(+2,75) 1

Read about it here (http://bettingadvice.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6691&sid=146d08511ecb38d7381a7b680e216888)

02-04-03, 07:17
Although I lost the competition for March :cry: , I'd like to post a pick in order to get hot for next month's competition :) .

Sweden after two games has 1-1 goals with two draws.
On the other hand, Hungary has 4-1 goals but the 3 of them against San Marino. That means that in the other two games, Hungary has 1-1 goals with two draws.

The picks could be "X" or "X-X" or even "No score draw".
Being my first time and in order not to block a high-return stake from older punters, I'll go for a smaller-return, but sure, stake.

So the pick for tonight would be Hungary-Sweden UNDER (1,70 - G/Bs).

02-04-03, 08:14
Hi, this is my first pick in this forum, and be carefull, it is the luckie of the beginner! I will choose N. Irland - Greece 2/2 @ 3.4 at my local bookies.

02-04-03, 08:31
Olla , this is my first pick-
Georgia-Svizerland x @ 2,9 my local bookie

02-04-03, 09:26
Caesar, I totally agree with you about the under-bet between Hungary and Sweden! I will probably write a prediction about this bet at Bettingadvice.com.

Guests ("HADZIJA" and "dumidumi"), you are very welcome to join the competition, but please read the rules first! The next round will start on Saturday 5/4 and you must follow these rules to participate:
You must be a registered member of the forum
You must write some kind of arguments for your pick or insert a link to a website where we can find information about it.
You must also choose a bookie from Bettingadvice' bookmaker list, but no betting exchange or local bookie!

02-04-03, 09:53
OK boss! In the future we will try to not brake the roles!! 8O

02-04-03, 10:05
My best pick of the day:
Israel (+1) - France (-1) 2, @1.70 with interwetten.

Maybe these odds don't look spectacular, but still:
1. The game is at neutral venue, in Palermo, Sicily, in front of few thousand fans.
2. Israel's best player, Eyal Berkovic, who is also the leader of the team and the key player, won't play.
3. France is one of the best teams in the world. Henry, Cisse, Zidan, Vieiera, Makalele, this is going to be painfull...
4. Israel is in bad form. The team doesn't play well and many of the players are out of form. France, after the humiliation in the WC, want to win every game it plays.

The only danger is if France decides that a draw is enough for them. But even though, France is so much better that it should win in any case :!:

02-04-03, 11:05
The best pick of the day in my opinion is:

Rögle-Hammarby 2 ---> 3.45 @expekt

This looks like a good value bet to me. A very tight game, between two evenly matched teams in my opinion, with a small advantage for Rögle, since they play at home.
Hammarby is out of contention in Kvalserien and they have played
pretty well, but the results have been against them. Rögle haven't really much to play for. I think this will be a very tight game and with good chances of a Hammarby victory, all they need is a little luck.

02-04-03, 11:18
From NHL:

Los Angeles (+1.5) - Colorado (-1.5) 2, 2.26 @ Canbet.

You can find some info about this game in this topic (http://www.bettingadvice.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6708). Colorado is much stronger, LA have big problems with injuries and almost no motivation, so I think Colorado can win here by 2 or more.

02-04-03, 11:37
Croatia (-2) - Andorra (+2) @ 1.80 (NordicBet)

yeaaah ;)..:Tahoma bets on Croatia ;)....Croatia will crush them 6-0....
(I went to the CROATIA-BELGIUM game, the atmosphere was amazing!!)...The team is REBORN, it is a brand new team, they will crush Andorra.

My pick of the day is :>>>
LA-COLORADO......2(2.10 @ Euro-tip)...

my analysis (and others) can be found on this forum(NHL 2.4.topic)...
I will just briefly say that COLORADO AVALANCHE have no significant injuries, and yet huge motives for winning this one::> They can still reach Vancouver in the 3rd playoff position...
LA has the largest INJURED LIST,and they are in AWFUL form for the whole season...they are unmotivated for this game.

COLORADO a sure pick, IMO.
good luck ;).

02-04-03, 12:10
OK,my picks in the last competition was at least embarasing:(:(I am really sorry :roll: for those who followed my picks of the day!...4/15 is really unacceptable for me because there is no excuse when you have 2000 bets to choose from!!! ...after i have read some posts here and in the irc chanel i decided to be MORE careful about the picks i post and from now on i will explain the reasons for my picks!Hope to do better in the new competition...

Today i pick, guys, Greece level ball against N.Ireland (1,55IW)
I dont like betting on my VEEERY weak national team because i can not understand why key players such as Nikolaidis,Tsartas,Giannakopoulos,Vrizas,Haristeas etc can not perform what they can when they wear the national shirt but this game is an exception IMO!The Irish are a weak team that a motivated Greek side can win !Coach Rehagel has been animating the Greek players to bring forward their national pride and give 100% of what they can in this game!!Panathinaikos defender Seitaridis will NOT play and the German coach will rely on defenders Zagorakhs(AEK),Fissas(PAO),Kirgiakos(PAO),Dabizas( Newcastle).The Irish concided a goal against Armenia!!!while Greece played well against Austria and if the german coach hadnt made changes in the second half it would have been easier for the Greek players...these were friendly games...
I have lost a lot of money from my national team and thats why i am sceptical about the win....so...level ball for Greek side and hope this time they wont let me down...(maybe an under too)

02-04-03, 12:34
Don't be to hard on yourself, Casabel. I think it could happen to anyone.
It's easy to fall behind in the beginning, and then you have to take bigger risks.
But I'm glad to see that you will include explanaitions and reasons for your picks. I know it helps me to find good picks, when I write about them and when you do, you can get opinions from people who agree or disagree, and that helps me even more.
It's impossible to argue with people who don't write why they have posted a pick.

02-04-03, 13:07
TN/Israel-France 2 @ 1.40 with Interwetten

Only a miracle will save me from not ending under 1500 points... I restart today with a banker... Holonia said it all about it... No comment!

02-04-03, 14:38
Georgia-Switzerland 2

2.00 @ Worldbet

Read Aight's prediction here:


02-04-03, 15:56
My final pick is:


Slovenia is in problems,missing few important players,
and Cyprus is good team.They have allready 6 points and
I think that they can menage a draw.
At my local bookie I played Handicap +1 on Cyprus (1,85)
which I think is a banker.

Good luck all.

02-04-03, 15:59
My pick for today is as always a risky one:

Georgia - Switzerland - 1 Odds: 4.30 Bookmaker: Set2Go

I think Georgia were unlucky vs. Ireland, they have some good individual players in their side and not bad potential. I remember when they beat us some years ago when Bulgaria was very strong team, so they are capable of upsets. I'm on it !

02-04-03, 16:09
Moldova-Nederland 2/2 @ 1.36 Sportingbet

Nederland needs the points and Moldova is to weak... :wink:

02-04-03, 17:12
Luxembourg(+2) - Norvege(-2) 2 --> 1.75 @ Interwetten