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31-03-03, 05:17
Well its the final day and apologies to Tahoma for me starting this topic, but I need to get my final pick posted.

Ive really struggled to find a pick, but need to as its the final day.....

SPARTA PRAHA 1X v Slavia 1.31 @ Gamebookers (Czech Ice Hockey)

31-03-03, 06:30

todaty Sarasota Open (ladies)

Sugiyama A. v Martinez C. :arrow: Sugiyama :arrow: 1,78 GB
Sugiyama is more experienced player... and I lost so much money in the past that I hope for return in this case... :?


31-03-03, 06:51
I´ll just finish this competition from my half and pick a friendly match:Malmö FF - FC Midtjylland 2 2.95@Nordicbet
I don´t know much about visitors, but home team has some injuries and their starting line up is not the best one they can get.

Prob. starting line up(Malmö:)
Lee Baxter -
Matias Concha, Daniel Majstorovic, Olof Persson, Joseph Elanga -
Louay Chanko, Jon Jönsson, Hasse Mattisson, Kristian Bergström -
Markus Rosenberg, Niklas Skoog

Mattias Asper
Jeppe Vestergaard
Jussi Nuorela
Jon Inge Höiland
Erik Johansson
Jörgen Ohlsson
Andreas Yngvesson

Thomas Olsson,Peter (i´ll score in every game)Ijeh & Daniel Pode.

Last training match:MFF - Halmstads BK 0 - 1 23.03

31-03-03, 07:00
Hi apriori,
I was just wondering what your reason was for this pick because I was thinking of going on Martinez. My reason is the following:

Head to Head Martinez leads 4-1 (2-0 on clay)

Considering that their playing on clay in Sarasota Open, and I personally don't consider Martinez to be any less experienced than Sugiyama, I am interested to hear what you base your pick on.


31-03-03, 09:40
It's a final day of competition and I have to make a final pick. As i bet only on football (and local horse racing) I have to choose one of two games played. So, my pick will be:

Avellino-Sambenedettese UNDER 1,59@GoldBet

I'm not sure in a home win there. I'm not sure of a draw, because visitors already drawn last five. But, for me, it is very very possible UNDER. Average scoring of those teams is OVER, but i think that in head to head match, two good sides (in that league, of course) will play more carefully. Visitors will surely be happy to get one point in Avelino, and for home side a point is not a disaster - they'll stay on top. So I expect both teams not to risk too much...

31-03-03, 09:44
Last pick is again good value on draw in Sparta - Slavia game with 4.70 at Fonbet. Both matches at Sparta ground finished as a draw in these series and it´s surprising to see such good odds offered by Fonbet. Sparta is in the match again after taking crucial win in last game to make it 2-3 overall and now need to win if want to play decisive seventh match. Good chance to see draw again.

31-03-03, 10:15
Hi apriori, mattsthebest!

I asked myself the same question - why Sugiyama, why not Martinez? This morning I wanted to pick Sugiyama but then I decided to wait few hours. And now I lean more to Martinez's win 'couse I think she's shown better form lately.

But it will be a close match and because it's last pick of this month let's put stakes higher with this pick:

Sugiyama A. v Martinez C. Set Betting 1:2 3.20 @ GB

And, apriori, good luck to both of us :lol:


31-03-03, 10:40
Napoli v Vicenza-------->X 2,65GB

31-03-03, 11:38
NBA 76'ers at Magic under 204.5 Gamebookers@1.91

Fourth meeting this season, two under and one over. 76'ers average 96.7 and Magic 99.1. I expect a close match, Orlando has had three days off, and should win, but 76'ers are 5-1 in the last six away matches. Close games between teams where one man rules (McGrady/Iverson) will easier end low-scoring than high-scoring, I feel.

31-03-03, 12:12
Hello my pick of the day is:

Tenis Sarasota Bedanova - Mikaelian 1 1.34 @ betandwin.com

It`s just my opinion that Bedanova beat Mikaelian :evil: :evil:

31-03-03, 12:27
Napoli-Vicenza 1 @2,5 gamebookers

G luck 2 all of you

31-03-03, 12:58
Napoli v Vicenza (ht/ft) X/X @ 4,00 (betinternet)

a draw here seems very probable, these teams have to make points to increase their chances to reach promotion (vicenza) or avoid relegation (napoli). in this kind of match (and in this period, too) it's very common to see unspoken agreements between teams to share points: of course i'm not sure if it will happen today, but it's probable, imo.

probable lineups:
napoli. mancini; saber, d'angelo, bonomi, bocchetti; montervino, marcolin, vidigal; pasino, dionigi, floro flores
vicenza. avramov; rivalta, bordin, faisca, tamburini; zanchetta, zanetti, marcolini; semioli, jeda; schwoch

excluding vicenza regular goalkeeper (sterchele), there aren't important absences.

2 reasons to bet ht/ft, very risky:
1) casabel had already choosen my favourite bet (X);
2) gain positions in the competition.

you have to know it if you want to follow my advice.

good luck to all

31-03-03, 14:40
Hi there, for the last time in this month's competition !!!

It's not often that I get to hear 'whispers' from NBA basketball... Ever since my College years, almost a quarter of a century ago, I never liked the PREDICTABILITY of that league, especially regarding the players' personal abilities and, therefore, the weapons of each team :!: I kinda liked college basketball when I was there... You could play zone, man to man, improvisations of all sorts, and ANYBODY could beat ANYBODY on any given day !
Of course, that was the times of Michael as college star, then still at North Carolina....
With Michael as a pro, and with Chicago in my heart long before he went to the windy city, I got a BIT more interested in NBA, but it was short-lived... Euroleague finally took over as my main area of interest in basketball, since I was already back home in Europe by that time... My opinion about the NBA never really changed... 8)

Still, I cannot resist tonight's pick, even though I don't ''Love This Game'', as the old NBA commercial would have it ! The whisper has it that the LA Lakers would have a much tougher road in the playoffs if they were to stay at 6th-7th playoff spot in the Western Conference... I never backed down in the face of long odds, so I'll bet on the remote chance that the best way around the predicament facing the three-times 'World' Champions is DOWN to the 8th playoff position rather than up :idea:

So, my pick for Monday is :

L.A. Lakers v Memphis Grizzlies :arrow: 2 .................. 5.00 at William Hill

Good luck to all my friends tonight !!!
I really enjoyed this, my first competiton, though I entered very late (13th March I registered as a member in this great forum) and I had to post a pick almost every single day after that !!! Nevertheless it was fun, and I'm glad I did very well WITHOUT altering my personal risk-taking style and habbits :D :D :D

31-03-03, 15:16
Not Much to tip on today but I have one pick left in the competition and have to tip.

Napoli - Vicenca HT - 1 3,05 Unibet

Napoli is 18th in the league and must get points from this match if they will stay in the league, and they should get 3 points home even against Vicenza. I had tought to tip on Napoli win to full time but it was already taken so I go for the next best Napoli to lead half time. It probably be lots of Napoli fans coming to this match and I tinck Napoli will tray to get a quick goal to control the match. Napoli must do well home if they want to stay in the divison.

31-03-03, 16:14
My pick is:

Napoli - Vicenza 1-1 4.60 (HT/FT) @ atlantik.co.yu

I am totaly agree with Bridges, with little fortuna Napoli will smash Viceenza!

31-03-03, 16:24
Computer Guy, pls change the topic to the accurate date. It's already March 2003 :). You should be accurate not only with your predictions :)

31-03-03, 16:28
My pick of day is NAPOLI - VICENZA HT/FT 1/X @14.00


HT 1-0
FT 1-1 (maybe with too low probability 1-0 FT)

And what else do you want... Shall i write the minutes for the goals too ???



Just did send it for fun.... My POD is over.. 15 picks did i send till now...

SO GOOD LUCK.. What ever you bet on this match DO NOT BET ALL ON DRAW...

HOMEWIN CAN HAPPEN.. So bet so that you get some money back..

My opinion is that
50% DRAW
35% HOME
15% AWAY
The 15% for AWAY include 2 red cards for NAPOLI and 2 penalties for VICENZA....

reuf vatreni
31-03-03, 17:09
Today I´ll try with some icehockey:

Montreal Canadians v Carolina Hurricanes

over 5 goals @ 1.88 (Gamebookers)

Both teams have nothing to play for. :cry:

Montreal last 6 games goals 18-16
Carolina last 6 games goals 16-27

GL everyone

31-03-03, 18:42
Pick of the day Mar 31.03



2 @ 3.65 canbet

NYR need to win all their games to make the playoffs and since they can choke against Pit, they can certaily lose to an even more dangerous opponent.

Bol all.

31-03-03, 18:53
Whoops. Thought I logged in. :oops:

The Atlanta Thrasher pick at 3.65 was mine