View Full Version : Sweden + Finland 9.3.

09-03-05, 10:33
Bergsåker lunch:

Steeleye - Heiko Iron 1 1.80 @ Nordicbet

Steeleye showed a clear improvement in Solvalla by placing fourth in quite a tough race. This horse has done poorly for years so he's definitely not a banker today. Anyhow, nice starting position should guarantee him a good race and poor Heiko Iron will have trouble beating him from 11th track.

09-03-05, 10:44

High Tech - Ramses Kähö 2 2.30 @ Unibet

High Tech seems completely overated. Admitteldly he was quite good in his wins early February but lately not that special anymore. Same goes for Ramses Kähö, he was brilliant early in the year but has been a bit weaker since. Still, Ramses Kähö is undervalued, he is a better horse than High Tech in my opinion.

09-03-05, 12:24

Cedar Tilly - BWT Champion 1 1.80 @ Nordicbet

Cedar Tilly is fast but can he get the lead from Giant Hill? I don't think so, but if he can avoid the position outside the leader BWT Champion should be no match to Cedar Tilly who is finally showing the class he was expected to have.

Only Juliet - Ballerina Sid 1 1.60 @ Nordicbet

Not that big odds but I think Only Juliet will take the lead first means she will get the run on the inner lane which she needs. Besides, driver/trainer Akseli Lahtinen is on fire at the moment and he might find something extra for Only Juliet too. Ballerina Sid has not impressed and has even some risk for gallop.

09-03-05, 13:00

Arctic Express to win race 5 2.35 @ Unibet

With horse number 1 not starting he will get the inner lane. I believe Arctic Express will take the lead and stay there til the end. 2,35 is very good, Expekt gives only 1.75.