View Full Version : Solvalla lunchtrav 4.3.

04-03-05, 09:35
It's lunch-V5 today so a bit more betting chances offered than usually.

Top Mac to place 1-3 (race 2) 2.00 @ Unibet

First of all, I'm taking really a chance here. I have never seen this horse race. The reason why I believe he's a good bet is that his background is very very promising. First of all he comes from Timo Nurmos stable who is doing incredibly well in Sweden. Especially when Jorma Kontio is driving the horses of the stable the victories keep coming in on daily basis. Jorma sits on the sulky today... Nurmos introduced a while ago another Dutch horse, Troubadour S, who proved out to be a real gem. Top Mac was reported as one of the best Dutch three year old horses last year and Nurmos has been really happy with him. He has stayed in his stable for three months and practise results seem promising. As the opponents are not that incredible he will have a fine chance of winning the race today. Unibet gives 5.25 for win, Expekt 4.75. On Swedish V5 he is the second favourite with 34% at the moment, and the percentage has been climbing up this morning. As I said, I think he has even a real chance of winning but I'll go for place because I haven't seen this horse race and I play it safe. If this horse does well today you won't get place odds like this for Top Mac for a long time...

04-03-05, 09:45
Well that was fast!

Place Unibet 1.85
Win Unibet 4.25
Win Expekt 3.90

04-03-05, 11:41
Top Mac fourth... didn't lose much, damn. Anyway, he was still good. Something to keep an eye on in the future races.