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08-03-03, 22:35
I don't have much time now so I will check the results and post my pick tomorrow!

09-03-03, 00:06
Here are I'm entering the competition:
Malaga (-0.5) - Bilbao (+0.5) 2, @1.74 with plannet pinnacle.
My predicion: http://bettingadvice.com/showPredictionsLeague.php?idMenu=101

Good luck everybody :!:

09-03-03, 03:27
gonna steal (borrow) a nice pick from Kuki-

Torino v Reggina 2

3.00 @ Sportw.gera

This is a neutral site game. Torino is at the bottom of Serie A and have a long way to go to get out of the relegation zone. I'm not going to say they have given up...they did show some fight against Chievo last week...but after losing that game too, it has to effect the psyche sooner or later. A quote I heard once, "death begins with the eyes as one accepts their fate and gives in to the inevitable..."

Reggina has been doing well as of late, with no home losses since november, and with 3 more points here they could establish a nice cushion against the relegation area, guaranteeing them a spot in Serie A next year.

See Kuki's review here:

and more here:

09-03-03, 06:10

Kaiserslautern v 1. FC Nrnberg 0:1 TAKE HOME @2.60 @Gamebookers

KLOSE (2) and LOKVENC to score 3-0 or 3-1 the FT RESULT :wink:

09-03-03, 06:51
Olimpiakos-AEK over 2,5 1,85@Expekt

Read Yannis prediction:

09-03-03, 07:28
This is my pick for today:

PAOK - Iraklis 1 @ 1.60 (Gamebookers)

This is the derby of Northern Greece. PAOK will have most of the supporters and they will want to make forgotten the shameful 1-1 draw in the last match. They've won 8 out of the last 11 home matches and are playing against a side that lost 5 out of 6 of they're last away matches.

09-03-03, 07:30
My POD (Pick Of the Day) for today is...

Atalanta - Parma........... X -> 3.00 @GB

Atalanta home: 2-3-1 (-0.58 GP)
Parma away: 2-3-1 (0.27 GP)

Atalanta is fighting to get off the relegation zone, while Parma is trying to get a UEFA spot for next year. Tradition is on Parma (1-2-2 since 1995), and I would bet on 2, but I guess both teams will be happy with 1 point...

gLuck 2 all!!!

09-03-03, 07:34
cmf... About the fans you said... Anastasiadis said that till Friday, there were 100 tickets sold for PAOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Iraklis sold 3000 tickets to the fans... I still wait to see how many PAOKtzides will be at Toumba this evening... But after the (NON)punishment of Carembeu, I think that they will make a massive abstinence to this match... My favorite is PAOK though :wink:

Take care...

09-03-03, 07:52
My bet of the day is from Rugby League

Hunslet +4 v Featherstone -4 2 @ 1.91 @ Gamebookers

Hunslets last game saw them on the receiving end of 82 unanswered points from Bradford. Now I know Featherstone are not in the same class as Bradford, but I dont expect the 4 point handicap to trouble them too much.

09-03-03, 08:07
My pick of the day:

Italy, Serie A - Udinese - Juventus FC - Juventus FC @ 2.20 with Interwetten

09-03-03, 08:12
My pick of the day is:
Ancona-Catania: 1 @ 1.65 @ Centrebet

You can view my analysis at http://globetting.com/picks.phtml?st=Daglashen

I wish you all good luck! :D

09-03-03, 08:21
Hello guys, my pick for today is a bit risky but not unreal... from Slovak 1 league:

TRENCIN - ZILINA 2 2,65 at centrebet

In last match against puchov lose zilina 2 points in 94 min... it was unlucky match, with a lot of chances for zilina. They must play for 3 points, against not bad playng trencin... but, i think last victory of trencin in kosice was only with luck... Slovan lose yesterday against puchov 2:1... I think away win for 2,65 is good deal... ( x2 is banker :lol: :lol: :lol: )


09-03-03, 08:32
REAL OVIEDO - LAS PALMAS, Las Palmas win at: 2.40 (centrebet)

League Standings:

Oviedo: 22

Las Palmas 5th

Head 2 Head:

past encounters

10/06/2002 Las Palmas-Oviedo 2-0
02/04/2001 Las Palmas-Oviedo 1-0

Form: (last 5)

Las Palmas 3 wins 1 draw 1 loss
Oviedo 1 win 2 draw 2 loses

For me, Oviedo is definetly a relegation candidate, Palmas has good head 2 head with Oviedo, and should come away with a win today.

09-03-03, 08:36
Real Sociedad - Alaves 1 1,60 bet-at-home.com

Real Sociedad can regain lost ground at the top of the table as they entertain struggling Alaves in the Anoeta with several key players returning to action. Since the turn of the year Sociedad have seen players such as Nihat, Javier De Pedro and Xabi Alonso have all missed crucial games. Their absence has been a serious problem for La Real, who operate with a small group of players. But now they are back to full strength and should cause Alaves real problems.

Real Sociedad: (4-4-2) Westerveld, Kvarme, Jauregi, Schurrer, Aranzabal, Xabi Alonso, Aranburu, Karpin, De Pedro, Nihat, Kovacevic

Alaves: (4-4-2) Juan Pablo, Geli, Karmona, Tellez, Ochoa, Llorens, Turiel, Ibon Begona, Tomic, Magno Mocelin, Ivan Alonso

09-03-03, 09:11
Yes I score :lol: :lol: :lol: and I go for another strike :roll:

My pick of the day is :
Cordoba-Badajoz 1 1.85 @ bet-at-home.com

Cordoba now is different team and after he`s smash Terasa my opinion is that smash Badahos.

Cordoba at home in last five games : 3-2-0
Badajoz at guest in last five games : 2-0-3 Cordoba won their last game away from home with 4-0. They have bought good new players during the break and are showing good form. I think they will get the 3 points here.

09-03-03, 09:12
My pick for today is Empoli - Piacenza 1- 2.00 at eurobet
Empoli lost their last few matches but they are still much better then Piacenza. I think it will be a comfortable win for the homeside...

Arbiter Elegantiarum
09-03-03, 09:13
Outright 2003-03-09 K115 Ski-Jumping-K 115-Oslo
Winner Ma造sz,A 2.00 @ Unibet

Ma造sz was best in yesterday team cmpetition. He jumped best in very bad conditions. He`s in the red hot form. And with yesterday good jumps he gained confidence above main rival Sven Hannawald who jumped shorter. Adam is fighting to win this year World Cup and to do this he must win today to nivelate Hannawald 70 points. Others who should fight for win today are Hautameaki,Liegl,Hannawald,Widhoelzl,Kasai and maybe Morgenstern. It will be fascinating competition but it may be disrupt by wind and fog. Yesterday there was no conditions to jump until 16.30. Today comp. is on 13,45.
I know that odds are not so good but I just see great confidence and class when Ma造sz jumps now. Just like that.

P.S.And I`m not damn biased here :twisted: :wink:

09-03-03, 09:27
Hello and GL

My second (in total) pick of the day is:

From the Dutch 2. Gouden Gids:

TOP Oss - FC Den Bosch - 2 Odds: 2.75 @ Betsense (http://www.betsense.com)

Analysis you can find here (http://www.bettingadvice.com/showPredictionsLeague.php?idMenu=153) (by Bobby D)

09-03-03, 09:35
My second pick for this competition is....
AC MILAN-CHIEVO V.: ASIAN (0-1)------->1(1,88GB)
Milan has already qualified to next CHL round and this game if of greater importance compared to that with REAL MADRID!!!If they lose points again then they surely have a problem in serie a!...and i dont think that players of such quality will have a problem!!Chievo is an average team that has the ability to surprise but not in this game IMO!!(2-0)-(3-1)

09-03-03, 09:52
My pick is: Valerenga - Trondheim Over 6.5 1.5 @Expekt

I think so, because this two team scores many. In the first meeting there was 10 goals, in second 8. Today it will be many too.

09-03-03, 10:20
Groeningen - Roosendaal 1 @ 2,05 (Expekt)

Great odds for FCG! a real value bet!

Groningen didn't disappoint me last week against Fc Zwolle they have scored 4 goals and they really need them they are figthting very hard not to degradate. This week they have again a good chance against a second division club Rosendaal.

09-03-03, 10:36
This is todays best bet in my opinion:

Rayo Vallecano-Celta de Vigo X2 --->1.40 @expekt

Rayo is totally out of form. I just can't see them winning this match.
Celta show rather good form, they have a good defence and should aim for a place in Europe next year. I don't know anything about injuries or new signings, but I'm confident that Celta will at least take one point here and I see a lot of value in this odds, even if it's just 1.40.

09-03-03, 10:45
ancona - catania (+3/4) handicap, take ancona, 1.85@ gamebookers

Ancona is a great at home team (won last three at home), catania is a poor away team (lost last three away).

i know daglashen took this pick, but this is a handicap pick ! so the same game, but a different pick, no problem i think (yes i read the rules :lol: )

good luck,


09-03-03, 10:49
Again NHL for me, and again Ottawa against Pittsburgh. Last night was easy, and I expect even less problems tonight:

Ottawa - Pittsburgh 1, 1.55 @ Worldbet

You can read my prediction here (http://www.bettingadvice.com/showPredictionsLeague.php?idMenu=239)

09-03-03, 11:02
My Pick of the day:

Hannover 96 to beat Hansa Rostock
Bundesliga, 17:30 - AWD-Arena Hannover

2.3 at Internet 1x2

96 will play offensive - like always, Bobic in form again, Stayner and Idrissou on the wings play great these days, Georghe Popescu as good as in former Barca-Times. But the offensive play of 96 will give Hansa the opportunity for good counters - Bachirou Salou from Hansa is the best counter-player in the Bundesliga.
So, the better pick would be actually >2.5 at 1.8 at Expekt....
But I trust my "neighbours"...

Some sunday morning breakfast music from Lisa Bassenge (do you recognize this song...?): click here (http://anon.amazon-de.speedera.net/anon.amazon-de/all-media/music/mp3/Lisa_Bassenge_-_Cant_Get_You_Out_Of_My_Head.mp3).....

09-03-03, 11:17
Blues-Hifk 1 1.95@Nordicbet<---just noticed that they have opened these.....
Bookies are afraid of this round and they are offering only one match today(very dissapointed).

Last season Hifk tropped Blues and now they have a change to get a revenge,becauce if Lukko wins Tappara and Blues beats Hifk then Hifk will be out from play offs.You have to remember that Blues is from Espoo and Hifk from Helsinki so it is a local derby and there for no love :lol: between these two. I was looking for odds a litle over 2.00 but have to be satisfied with this one.

09-03-03, 11:25
Ski Jumping
Ch. Duffner - G. Spaeth
Duffner 1.85 Expekt

Duffner in better form.


09-03-03, 11:30
Pick of today:
Malaga-Athletic Bilbao 2 @3,45 Nordicbet

Malaga har three regulars suspended, Bilbao welcomes back international striker Urzaiz and Larrazabal.
Bilbao is a good outfit and will have a better team then malaga today.
Good value.

09-03-03, 11:39
my pick of 9/3 is:
k'lautern-nurnberg ht/ft 1/1 @ 3,10 (gamebookers)

k'lautern is in a very good form: unbeaten in last 5 (2/3/0), they have obtained 17 of their 22 points in home matches (4/0/1 in last 5). they are still at the bottom of the table, but winning this one they can catch nurnberg and leave cottbus in 18th position. k'lautern's players are fighting not only to avoid relegation, but also to save their club from an economic disaster: beating werder in german cup semifinal they reached a place for next european competition, so we can think that their condition is very high.
nurnberg form is in downtrend: 1/1/4 in last 6, 0/0/3 in last 3 away. the way they drew against wolfsburg in last match testify of their bad moment.

my original pick was 1, but i've found that in 5 of 6 nurnberg away defeats the ht result was 1. this odd is good, so why not take it?

good luck to everybody

09-03-03, 12:16
My pick today:

River Plate - Chacarita 1 @ 1.65 Centrebet

River Plate lost 2 of 3 games in Argentina Clausura.. They cannot slip another loss... They will fight with all their motivation in this game.. And another point of view is that Argentino also picked this and you know that he rarely mistakes about this games.... :wink:

Beat The Favourite
09-03-03, 12:30
Afternoon Everybody
Pick NO.2 [Football]
ARSENAL KYIV to beat Metalurg Z
Ukraine League
Odds:1.45 [Globet]
The last time these teams met at Metalurg in November,Arsenal thrashed them 5-0.In the off season my pick have strengthned their side and have big ambitions for the new season.So nothing more than a comprehensive Win will be expected by them today.
Good Luck
Beat The Favourite :)

09-03-03, 13:08
My pick is:
Dunfermline - Partick (1) - (1,7 at expekt)
Why do I pick this match?
-Only two teams have beaten them at Dunfermline. Patrick is poor when they play away.

- I think that Dunfermline will fight for Uefa Cup place qualification


09-03-03, 13:31
Hi,my pick for today is:
Argentina Clasura


Independiente is the weekest team in the league with
3 defeats and Racing is the strongest team with 3 wins.
Last few matches Independiente won against Racing
but now the times have changed.

09-03-03, 13:36
Outright 2003-03-09 K115 Ski-Jumping-K 115-Oslo
Winner Ma造sz,A 2.00 @ Unibet

What a massacre! 124 meters and over 14,8 points advantage after the first round! No way Arbiter's pick can fail! Great pick, my friend! I guess you love Adam even more now :wink:

Arbiter Elegantiarum
09-03-03, 13:52
Outright 2003-03-09 K115 Ski-Jumping-K 115-Oslo
Winner Ma造sz,A 2.00 @ Unibet

What a massacre! 124 meters and over 14,8 points advantage after the first round! No way Arbiter's pick can fail! Great pick, my friend! I guess you love Adam even more now :wink:Like our Szaranowicz said: KNOCKOUT! Thanks for congats! I love Adam, everyone in Poland love Adam because Adam is KING OF AIR! Adam World Champion and World Cup Winner(Can be first in history to win it 3 times straight! And I think he`ll be... :D )!

09-03-03, 13:55
I like one more quote by Mr Szaranowicz:" Malysz was BORN TO FLY'. :D

09-03-03, 14:04
My pick is:
Panionios-Panathinaikos @1.7 Worldbet
Good luck!

09-03-03, 15:42
Marseille - Paris SG 1 - 1,90 Unibet
Marseille good home and PSG not so good away, Marsaille have good sttestic home againt PSG, and Marseille have been a better team than PSG this year.

09-03-03, 15:50
I just updated the results from yesterday and I'm happy to see so many contestants this time! :) I checked 48 picks yesterday and 24 of them were correct! My first pick was bad and therefore I'm currently on the last place in the competition! :lol:

Today I'm taking Sevilla vs Osasuna under 2.5 goals @ 1.70 with Gamebookers. Read about my pick here (http://www.bettingadvice.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5467).

BgSoccerFan's pick yesterday was Kaiserslautern, but since the game is today, this will be his pick of the day.

09-03-03, 15:54
(something tells me that if Kaiserslautern doesnt win today, we are all in deep **** :? :? -I keep my fingers crossed)

09-03-03, 15:55
I missed my pick of the day (Bohemians in CzechLeague - lucky 3-2 win), so my next game for today is Vitkovice - Trinec UNDER 5.0 goals with Fonbet, odds 1.90. Previous two games 1-2 and 3-2 and I expect tigh low scoring game again. Draw also probable.