View Full Version : Lunchtrav Solvalla 4.2.

04-02-05, 10:14
Troubadour S - Happy C.N. 1 1.75 @ Nordicbet

Nurmos + Kontio + Brilliant horse = Victory! Happy C.N. was good after an unpressed race in the lead but this time he won't get it as easy.

04-02-05, 10:20
Agree with that.

04-02-05, 10:24
Seems that Expekt offers only 1.50 for the same bet!

04-02-05, 10:28
I post pick in main forum. Also Gucci to try with 1.70 might be worth trying in Expekt. Horse run ok last time, considering how the race went. Long way third lane and then outside of leader. Horse get lead position here and can lead all the way.

04-02-05, 11:45
Very odd. Odds for Troubadour S against Happy C.N. went up to 1.80 at Nordicbet while winner odds at ATG at the moment is down to 1.40 :?

04-02-05, 12:09
WHAT A HORSE! Troubadour S gallopped on the borderline of long gallop and was still last some 600 meters before the finish line. Then he speeded with an amazing spurt and won impressively. My new favourite horse!

04-02-05, 12:11
Last comment was mine.

Let's add that Jorma Kontio said he wasn't sure if he should start chasing the others since he wasn't sure if he had been disqualified or not. Well I'm glad he did start the chase.

I'm still speechless!