View Full Version : Kouvola 6.1.

06-01-05, 11:06
Today's offers don't seem half as good as yesterday's. So far I only got a good feeling about

Cornish Sound - Made For Victory 2 1.45 @ Nordicbet

Made For Victory will soon advance to lead and most probably stay there til the end. Cornish Sound has been better and better but has been racing in easy races compared to Made For Victory. Odds are small though.

Any good ideas?

06-01-05, 11:33
I agree with your pick Onslow....And maybe Highlyn Mayo is a nice prospect...I just haven't checked the odds yet...

06-01-05, 11:47
Crappy odds for Highlyn Mayo. Don't take it against any opponent. It's not worth it. The race is more open that the odds suggest....
Good Luck!

06-01-05, 15:49
Made For Victory ran in the lead, Cornish Sound right outside him. In the end he had to let Mr Diver and Rocky Sound go by but won his duel with ease as Cornish Sound tired understandably.

BTW, Made For Victory's odds to win the whole race were only 1,44 at Fintoto.

06-01-05, 15:53
I wrote in my prediction that I can see more competition coming from Mr Diver instead of Cornish Sound and how right I was!!!
1.45 bagged and another day to go tomorrow!

Cheers, Onslow!