View Full Version : Vermo 5.1.

05-01-05, 12:56
Nice predictions by darkside and Gambler today!

I myself favour Marybella W - VG Red Rose 1 2.05

I wonder about Cool Happy - May I Ride 2 2.75 @ Nordicbet. Cool Happy was stuck from the same position last time and finished among the last ones without any space. Could that happen today? May I Ride is a slow starter too and won't get a good run but is in great form. I'll have to think some more whether to take it or not. Opinions on that?

05-01-05, 13:03
Guys I need your opinion on this one

Callela E-Mail - Knight Pilot 1 @ 2.75 @ Nordicbet.

This is MASSIVE value... And Callela E-Mail is my favourite horse in Finland. Make me not to take this bet!

05-01-05, 13:09
I was just thinking the same thing. Why is Knight Pilot such a favourite here? Short distance doesn't favour Callela E-Mail but still the odds are too big. Sniff sniff! I smell value!

05-01-05, 13:15
Kaboom! Marybella W down to 1.90.

05-01-05, 18:54
What a night! Marybella W won her race and Callela E-Mail beat Knight Pilot! Also Sahara Standout won his race. Thanks, darkside, for emphasizing Callela E-Mail so heavily. Well done, mate!

05-01-05, 18:58
Perfect night...WHAT A PROFIT!!!!!