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08-12-04, 12:27
Lily Springhill - Cool Happy 2 2.25 @ Nordicbet

Lily Springhill is for some reason the 2nd favourite in the Finnish V5. Cool Happy is fourth favourite. Lily Springhill is totally overrated at least for win, she follows others very well but doesn't really want to win. So far she has only one victory out of 20 runs. Today she is expected to get a good run from her nice 9th track. Cool Happy has track 10 today. He has been getting better and better in his last races and he is seriously undervalued. Ari Hartikainen is a skillful driver who tends to do well at Vermo. I'm hoping for high speed in the beginning which would favour strong Cool Happy. Both horses are quite safe trotters, Lily Springhill gallopped and was disqualified in her latest race though. There is a clear class difference between these horses in my opinion and this is a very good bet indeed.

Expekt offers 2.00 for Cool Happy in the same H2H.

08-12-04, 12:34
I really like this pick. Do you mind if I post it in the main page as my pick?
Asking for your permision. Otherwise I won't do anything about it apart from using it in my account.
The expected wining percentages are way too close to have a 2.25 odd...

08-12-04, 12:35

Go ahead, but you're jinxing it now :wink:

08-12-04, 12:38
No main page picks for today then.

I also like Rosinanto against Nintendo Kemp.
Rosinanto is fŚcking up big style lately in Finland, and he should pay back some money to all the punters that have backed him up lately. And in any case I really hate all the Kemp horses in Finland although Nintendo Kemp is quite good (for a Kemp of course... :lol: )
1.60 at Nordicbet doesn't seem bad. What do you think??

08-12-04, 12:43
Don't take them yet. We are not taking all the picks that we are thinking about. Just the best of the cream :wink:

08-12-04, 12:44
No, feel free to publish the Cool Happy pick, I really don't mind.

Hmmm, Jelena Tsezaks (Rossinanto) against Ari Moilanen (Nintendo Kemp)... I would pass. Jelena can do some unforeseen things.

What about Ramses Lloyd 1.70 against Giant Hill? Expekt gives only 1.50. Any comments on that?

08-12-04, 12:46
Is she the reason that Rosinanto is doing Soooooo badly lately??
Whenever I go to Veikkaus to play V5 or V75, I always pick Moilanen's horses...This guy can make the worst horse win a race....How the hell is that possible???

08-12-04, 12:51
What about Ramses Lloyd 1.70 against Giant Hill? Expekt gives only 1.50. Any comments on that?

That was my third choice. But Giant Hill is no pushover....And let's face it. Both are Veeeryy good horses. i think that from those two names we have the winner of V5-5.
Last thought would be Conway Dreamer....Any thoughts apart from the fact that today is the absolute NO BET day???

08-12-04, 13:01
Conway Dreamer is the best horse in the race, no doubt about that. I just think that 20 meters handicap is too much when giving it to horses like Carolus Kiss, Capehill's Capone and Creative Kemp.

I'll stick to just Cool Happy today.

PS. A small warning for Boogey Dancer if you're planning on V5 today. A possible super surprise at his great 6th spot!

08-12-04, 13:08
Plus Boogey Dancer is no starnger to victory either.... :wink:
Good call....

08-12-04, 17:00

Cool Happy was stronger in the end and beat Lily Springhill clearly. 2.25 was a gift!

08-12-04, 17:17
Very good call!!!!