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16-11-04, 11:20
Race 5:

Global Eagle - Sahara Shade 1 1.90 @ Nordicbet

Global Eagle has had a successful year. So far he has won already 12 times! His advantage is his enormous strength and therefore he prefers long distances (2600m --->). Today it's only 2100m which is the biggest questionmark. His last race was 2100m at Kouvola and he finished second. Sahara Shade was a clear disappointment last time and he has had a break of nearly two months. He will get a good position whereas Global Eagle is bound to work it the hard way again. Nevertheless, Global Eagle should be the favourite. At the moment percentages for win at Fintoto are: Global Eagle 35,1%, Sahara Shade 15,2%.

17-11-04, 06:00

1. Global Eagle 17,9
2. Pedro Gagn 18,0
3. Texasoja 18,0
4. Sahara Shade 18,0

17-11-04, 07:44
awesome! :D