View Full Version : GOG - Ikast - Danish female handball league 03.11.04

no guts, no glory
03-11-04, 10:16
GOG Ikast 2 1.45 (-2.5 @ 1.85)
Here is a super bet! Maybe the best bet in the Danish league this year, so far. Ikast and gog are both with 8 points for the season. Ikast had trouble in the start of the season, with many injured players, but are now back on track, and with star-player Milanovic playing her very best. Last weekend they lost to Champions league winners Slagelse with 3 goals (30-33), in a match that could have gone both ways. 27-27 with 5mins to go. GOG squad not even close to the level of ikasts squad and not even one player GOG player, would be able to go into ikast starting lineup.
Ikast have reached the playoff the last 5 years, they will also this year. But they need to get some points on the board. After last weekends defeat to Slagelse, Ikast are very motivated to put points on the board.

I think they will win with 5-6 goals. So a handicap win with 2.5 @ 1.85 is also a good bet.
Im taking the handicap win @ odds 1.85 with 10/10 steakes.

03-11-04, 18:43
Hi, no guts, no glory. I agree on this one, even if I'm not that optimistic about winning margin, still the visitors should beat that handicap. H2Hs are 10-1-3 in favour of Ikast/Bording.

Now bit off topic. As I wrote in another thread, I think it would be better when opening thread call it like:"Danish Handball Women, on day x.y. or round ...." and copy/paste all matches and odds from some bookie, so we can discuss all of them. I don't think it's necessary to open thread for every single game.
And once again: it's only my advice, no offence, I'm not moderator here.OK?
Regards, Drobek.
And Good luck! :wink: