View Full Version : U-17 FINAL! Spain-Nigeria

09-09-07, 11:57
I have chosen to support Nigeria to win @ 2.1 on bet365. The odds are a little low..as i expected them to be at least @2.3 but...giving the following facts...i'm backing nigeria:

*Bojan Krtic - Spain TOP (NR 1) player by far...which in my oppinion represents 60% of that team is suspended because of a stupid gesture he made in the final minutes of the semifinal game against ghana (2-1 for spain...winning goal scored in 116 by Krtic, first goal scored from his pass)
*Haruna (captain and very important player from nigeria was taken of the pitch in the match against germany in the 20th minute..because of an injury...he was already a little bit injured..but he decided to start the game) Anyway...nigeria managed against germany without him...but...the fact is that i have the feeling that he'll play against spain (Uefa doesn't gives any kind of information about this game)
*Nigeria still has Chrisantus...great player, great striker (leading goal-scorer of the tournament)

So..in my eyes....without Bojan, spain has no chance to succed...but i'm a little bit afraid of extra-time...as they may defend the whole game. Though i think nigeria won't have a problem scoring against them