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01-08-04, 08:56
Good morning to everybody,

I will post today some picks for Visby races, but please note that I will add very little analysis, if there are any, to my picks.
So, please, Lyd, and other moderators, if this is not permitted, feel free to modify/delete. I know is nothing personal :)
The reason why I wont write analysis for my trotting picks, or maybe only a few words, is that I think it would'nt be of much help... In horse races statistics and all that stuff is important very relatively, IMO.
So in some hours I'll begin with my picks, if nothing is wrong with that.

Good luck

01-08-04, 12:35
:) Hello again!

These are my picks:
Joan K - Fleur D'Inverne @1,55 in Unibet Race 3

01-08-04, 13:09
Mascher - Kintaro @1,85
Race 5 - Unibet
This one is good. It is supposed to be a H2H between equals, but in my eyes Mascher could be 3rd or 4rth, while Kintaro will be in the last places...! Huge value, mates!

01-08-04, 14:33
Both picks were right!

As I said yesterday, I'm on an excellent run in Sedish trotting lately...
Tomorrow more picks! :D

01-08-04, 14:39
:oops: Last post was mine, sorry.