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27-05-07, 18:34
"Instantly Stacks the Odds of Winning in Your Favor Boosts Your Online Poker Skills.. and Launches an Automatic Counter Attack on Your Opponents' Thirst for Your Cash"

Online Poker just ain't the same as throwing back a few cold ones at the card table with your buddies. Online, you can't reveal a poker face. And you can't read one, either.

Instead, players use other gambits to gain the upper hand. They study your betting patterns, how much you bet, and how fast.

Sound intimidating? Never fear, 'cause...

Here's Your Opportunity to Profit Like Mad..

Online poker rooms are still (and always will be) loaded with guys and gals of all kinds..
Players who are oblivious to the simplest of tools and tricks
Folks who are too lazy to care
Those with over-active egos who wouldn’t dare stoop to outside advice
And by taking your money seriously (and guarding it with knowledge and our free poker calculator) those are the players who will keep FUNDING YOUR WINNINGS, hand after hand – over and over again!

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