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MLB YTD 39 bets - 20W-17L-2P +25.90 units. ROI = 112.66%
Average stake per bet 4.23 units. Average odds 2.175

Hoping for a better day today after little bad streak.

Atlanta Braves @ Pittsburgh Piratetes

Braves @ 2.01 (Pinnacle) 5 units

Atlanta starter Kyle Davies has been far from a consistent starter. He's had control issues and walked way too many people, but Zach Duke of the Pirates has been just as bad. Even though Duke has 2 good career starts vs. the Braves, those are insignificant as they are old starts and Duke hasn't been able to regain his touch after his successful rookie campaign 2 years ago. Both left and right handed hitters have been hitting well over .300 off of him this season and while he hasn't been very vulnerable to longball, this Braves lineup can hurt him. Both teams have good bullpens, but what makes this worth a bet is Atlantas big lineup avantage. Pirates hitting is quite weak and they matchup worse against right handed pitching, while Atlanta has one of the best lineups in the National League and they hit very well against leftys. I think there's some good value on the Braves here.

Cleveland Indians @ Oakland Athletics

Indians Team total over 4 @ 1.952 (Pinnacle) 5 units

Tribe over at this low total against a right handed pitcher looks like a decent bet to me. McAfee Collisseum is a pitcher parks and can be tough to left-handed power hitters, which the Tribe features several of, but total at 4 is takeable. The Indians lineup is deep and capable and despite pretty good early season numbers, Joe Blanton is a very average pitcher.

GL everyone!

11-05-07, 18:29
Friday, May 11, 2007

FLORIDA (OLSEN -114) Washington (Hill)

Washington is 9-25 this year. Washington has lost two straight with Hill. The Marlins have an impressive .289 road batting average and .359 on base percentage. How pitiful is Washington’s offense? They are hitting a Mendoza .227 with an OPB of less than .300 for the year!

11-05-07, 22:36
Only short comments due to lack of time, I'm going out in a minute.

MLB 2007: 45W-2V-35 L +57.44 units

Mets-Brewers OVER 9 2.03 5 units
MIL: Suppan (5-2, 2.63)
NYM: Sosa (1-0, 2.84)

I believe Mets' bats can get to Suppan and the Brewers should feel the pain of playing a decent team (in Mets case this is an understatement), after cruising through NL Central for so long.
On the other hand, their bats are hot and Sosa is hittable, I'm thinking 9-7 Mets.

Chicago White Sox
J. Garland -1.5 2.210 6 units

The Sox should start their homestand on a strong note, especially against KC away, I'm not a fan of Odalis Perez, even though he's had some success off some CWS hitters I think the others can score on him and score big.

Again, sorry for the short comments.

11-05-07, 23:36
ahh man Godspicks man Do you know what the Mendoza line is? .227? not even close man, if it wasnt Washington Id pound Washington just because you have no clue sometimes man UGH!!! And i may just do that actually +2.05 for the Home team and Hill isnt the worst pitcher theyve got, ahh man if i do itll be small though but as much as ive made fading him, i may just test it again lol

ANyway, Im Bangin the Rockies at home and now theyre a dog of 2.05 (+105)

and i hit them even harder to win by 2 at +185 (2.85) to win big vs the rookie Lincecum, i mentioned in my post today that i saw his first start, not impressed enough to think He can NOW BE FAVORED ON THE ROAD IN DENVER??? good luck in that stadium!!! Vs Fogg to boot?!?!?!

And ive taken the Over 9.5 and i dont care if they raised it to -130 (2.3) they can have it, RUNS AND RUNS ALOT AT HOME FOR THE ROCKIES!!!

Col -1.5 (+185 ; 2.85)

Col ML (+105 ; 2.05)

SF/Col Over 9.5 (-115 ; 1.85)

GL today, ugh GO Nats man, Mendoza blah blah come on man please make sense in ONE post and get your stats right!!!

Like them odds baby!! aint no cryin in baseball!! lol

12-05-07, 00:59
Think CWS -1,5 @ 2.10 are worth of shot. seems like they are catching the train, winning 4 of last 5 games. Garland showed some improvement in last start, hitting the strike zone well and reducing pitch count. CWS has power to hurt Perez, and not to mention Royals' bullpen. Garland is capable, especially with his last performances, to stop Royals' lineup from several hits in a row, actually I think this could be massacre.

Mets @ 1.77 sounds good too. Wakuee is in my eyes the most overrated and overacheiving team so far. Think they had enough with middle-strength opponents, with their luck, and with their winnings. Tonight they are facing The Mets. Although I really don't like mets, I gotta give them credit with their power. Power in offense, power in defense, power in pitching. Sosa was even better than I thought he will be. His slider was just great. On the other side Suppan will have to show that investing into him was the right move. No doubt about his quality (although he can **** up things from nothing), but noone is good enough to stop Mets when they have their day. And I think they will have their good day, I suppose they are sick of ridicilous stories about Waukee, whose bullpen is pretty damn too-exploited lately.

12-05-07, 01:03
Milwaukee Brewers @ New York Mets Under 9 @ 1.909 sportingbet
Detroit Tigers + 1.5 @ Minnesota Twins @ 1.80 sportingbet
St. Louis Cardinals @ San Diego Padres -1.5 @ 2.05 sportingbet

Well, i was sitting here 2 hours and was considering every single game...i decided to go against Johan Santana, just because Tigers bats are hot and no Mauer & Hunter, Come on Tigers +1.5 @ -125? I have to try this one out! Mets and Brewers, last games it went over and over, but i still like the under, Suppan vs Sosa...maybe a push. Got it at -110. Padres...i dont really like their bats, but i saw them yesterday in Atlanta, they can it...the main thing, Kip Wells vs Jake Peavy, come on...Peavy sould strike out half of the Cardsroster with a beachball. And Wells, he gave up a lot of runs in his last starts...7 in each of his last 3 games...4-1 Padres.

2/3 System played.

12-05-07, 01:08
Also going with 2 dogs;

Cardinals @ 2.75 because these odds are just too much. Actually I'm gabling with Wells, for who I think didn't come agressive enough in his last starts and I think we can expect some good stuff from him, sooner or later. It's hard to built a confidence on your stuff with ERA numbers reaching almoust 7 but he is just better pitcher than this numbers are showing. And just waiting for Pujols to explode again. I don't rate San Diego as something special, and actually I like Cardinals' lineup pretty much. It seems like they are also jumping on the train on one side, and San Diego loosing "it" with sweep from Atlanta (in which they scored only 7 runs in 3 games)

Detroit @ 2.70
It's hard to go against Santana, but with all this injuries Twins have, and a struggle in attack (Maroth is LHP), I have to try. Maroth isn't anything special but it seems his team is giving him a lot of run support. We've seen same matchup 2 weeks ago, when both pitchers held opponents to 3 runs, and in the end Detroit won with bullpen. It's worth of mentioning that Santana's stuff isn't as dominating as it was at the start of season, and this is more 50-50 game than odds are showing.

12-05-07, 01:23
Excellent thread guys. Good luck tonight. :)

12-05-07, 06:39
As i mentioned just a push in the Metsgame...5 homeruns...Tigers are awesome...great ballclub...padres rl hits also well...very good night :D