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23-04-07, 09:00
Amazing, now the Mods are editing posts because a guy asked a Question and he posted his thoughts and THAT WASNT ALLOWED?? NO THINKING????

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Anyway, the Invite to all is still out to anyone here in regards to the forum ive posted about,, WE Dont treat people like that, ill tell ya that!!!

Gm 7 thoughts with Dallas and Vancouver

Well its do or die, Gm 7 brings relief for one and GOLF TEE TIMES for others lol

so what to take from this and the results so far?

Well goals have come at a premium obviously, and Vancouver has struggle putting away teams and getting that 4th win in a series to move on for years now

Im going Luongo at home and again thinking under, Turco has done nothing short of stand on his head to get his team in position to score, and Vancouver just can beat him enough, after Game one when they went nuts, they havent come close to getting 5 goals again in a Game, much less barely 5 goals since gm 1 to boot

3 - 1 Vancouver wins and I think Moves on to the Conf Semis to live another day

Vancouver -135 ML

Dall/Van Under 4.5

Im sure i get to be the next one edited because This place can be,,,,, ahh whatever, you keep treating people like that, and LESS AND LESS people will care to visit your site!!!!