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03-04-07, 10:03
San Francisco Giants - San Diego Padres
Listed pitchers B. Zito - J. Peavy MLB 1.82 2.06

Washington Nationals - Florida Marlins
Listed pitchers S. Hill - S. Olsen MLB 2.25 1.70

Houston Astros - Pittsburgh Pirates
Listed pitchers J.Jennings - I.Snell MLB 1.56 2.54

Milwaukee Brewers - Los Angeles Dodgers
Listed pitchers C. Capuano - R. Wolf MLB 1.76 2.15

St Louis Cardinals - New York Mets
Listed pitchers K. Wells - O. Hernandez MLB 1.97 1.89

Minnesota Twins - Baltimore Orioles
Listed pitchers B. Bonser - D. Cabrera MLB 1.74 2.17

Colorado Rockies - Arizona Diamondbacks
Listed pitchers J. Francis - L. Hernandez MLB 1.73 2.20

Seattle Mariners - Oakland Athletics
Listed pitchers J. Washburn - J.Blanton MLB 1.82 2.06

Los Angeles Angels - Texas Rangers
Listed pitchers K. Escobar - V. Padilla MLB 1.67 2.30


03-04-07, 10:17
Oh wow we posted like Minutes apart, i must have been still doing my write up and it took me so long that i was in the middle of my post when you submitted this, Can you or someone mix our threads and post his odds with my American odds or get this together for us,,,,,,????? Mods??????

i put his thread in mine if thats ok, and quoted him, like i said , i must have been posting my thread when he submitted his, i wasnt trying to post a New thread for the day, i honestly didnt know his was up