View Full Version : Trotting: Today's races in Sweden

22-04-04, 12:54
Sorry that I don't have much time but there are three horses that I have to suggest that can easily be on top 3 spots or even win the races. I don't have time to check on h2h but if you are willing to do some research probably you'll find some good matchups!

From Åby:
Pilot Kloster. Big favourite to win. Be afraid of Zerberus

From Bergsåker:
Nordgubben (pick of the day) 93% of winning....
Self timer

Good luck to those who will try to find some matchups!

22-04-04, 14:56
Absolutely agree with you in Nordgubben, mate!
Once again, thanks for your effort in opening Trotting threads every day.
I wanted to do it today, but I had a very busy morning...
To me, Nordgubben-Rolex 1 @1,3 in Unibet is very clear!
Very good luck to you! :)

22-04-04, 17:17
Thanks for the info every day 8)