View Full Version : Today's V5 Romme (Sweden)

19-04-04, 13:33
If you can find anywhere any offer with Hercules Laser grab it!!!(I f you can get it in h2h even better) This horse is going to win today's V5-4.
There is an offer on h2h on expekt at odds of 1.55. Not bad. I really believe that this horse will win today.
Good luck to all!

19-04-04, 15:36
Thanks a lot, DarkSide, I'm always looking forward to catch a good bet in trotting, but seems like nobody is really interested...
Me myself I'm often too busy to study races and to post picks, but I'll make an effort to keep on publishing posts constantly.
BTW, I think Hercules Laser is running in the 6th Race, actually. And is very well paid, like @1,85 in H2H with Hemlock at Unibet, and @1,95 in (1-3).
Good luck

19-04-04, 21:06
Hercules finished 2nd!
I took him as placed (1st. to 3rd) at @1,95
Thanx for the call, DarkSide :)

20-04-04, 06:48
He he. 2 horses in a day!!!Cool. I'll keep you posted!
Oh, I almost forgot. It was the 6th race BUT it was the 4th race for the V5. V5 is the game that one has to find all 5 horses to win. Something like football pools. I always play V5 or V75 that's why I' ll always refer to V5-4 for example. That's to make sure in the future that we don't get mixed up with the races.