View Full Version : Weekend of March 27th-28th

26-03-04, 18:41
Like darkside said it's not that much going on in this section - probably because most people here are football maniacs (like me).
But since I'm becomming more and more into this I will certainly work more here - main problem is the short timeframe that the picks are up, h2h bets are available for just a few hours before the races start, except for Saturdays when they usually are out on Friday night.

Anyweay I'll make sure I have something for you all for tomorrow, other then Gidde Palema's win of course. :wink:

28-03-04, 09:47
Saddle topic, in the 4th race in Solanget, is a good bet IMHO.
Odds for (1-3) are @1.25 only, but in this race there will be only two real contenders. Coober Pedy is the other, but the important thing is that there will be only 7 horses running!
Straight wni for Saddle Topic is at @2,1 wich is worth a medium bet. For (1-3) is a banker.