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07-03-04, 22:38
Almost no matches today... but maybe you can find something interesting... :wink:

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07-03-04, 23:08
second pick
Ostrava - Viktoria Zizkov (Czech Gambrinus liga) pick 1 @1.3 (William Hill)
last match: 2:1 for Ostrava

Ostrava is currently the leading team of Gambrinus liga with only 1 loss. It's one of few teams who really mean permanent danger for opponents both home and away. They do really well at home (7-1-0 record this season) and score a lot of goals-29 in 8 matches! While playing at home they create a lot of scoring opportunities and don't let the other team to rest. Flank defenders and midfielders suppport their offensive players well which i suppose Zizkov's defense is unable to follow and stop. Ostrava has stadium for 18000 fans which is almost sold out everytime they play at home and beleive me this is extremely high number for Czech league. No. 2 and 3 teams - Slavia and Sparta have voth drawn 0:0 this weekend so this is solid chance for Ostrava to increase their lead to 8 points with 10 rounds left. (they'll play both Sparta nad Slavia at home)
Zizkov has one of the worst seasons in last couple of years - they play for staying at the league. Their away record is 1-7-1. Zizkov has always been team that scores most of the points at home and there is no change this year - only 4 goals in 9 matches and their only away win this season was in august!

08-03-04, 01:06
Frankly I might won last month but this month I just hope I can finish + points at the end. This pick may contradict just what I said, tough you cannot teach new trick to an old dog.
Back to yesterday's Wales Rugby pick was a bit adventurous - /for my excuse I felt it will be my lucky day and it was, - well not that lucky- but still 2 out of 2 my HUN. picks were right on main page/.

So my plan was to Mea Culpa and go for safe and tidy, but the little evil awaken and pointing his naughty fingers to this game:

Rio Ave - Sport. Braga X * 3.3 * Centerbet

WON as full time 0-0

my stats:2/4 +83 pts.

Last time bounch of people bet on Rio Ave home win was 16 / FEB / 2004 agains relegation candidate Alverca and the result RIO AVE - ALVERCA 1-2 . There were no bashing, smashing at all. Today's match main point is around Uefa cup places:

5 SP. BRAGA 24 away 5w 1d 5l /goals 10-14 -2 39 UEFA
6 MARITIMO 25 +4 38
7 BOAVISTA 25 +4 37
8 BEIRA MAR 25 +1 36
9 RIO AVE 24 Home 6w 4d 2l/ goals 20-11 +5 33

You can see the race is still on for these teams. Braga away form is deciving as 4 those 5 loses come from Porto, Sporting, Benfica, National basically the top 4 just above 5th Braga. Rio Ave's 1 of 2 home loses already mentioned the other was Boavista. Otherwise they beat lover table opponents and not lose to better ones.

It looks simple isn't it ?
My feeling that Rio Ave only 1 lose out of 8 games since January and Braga only 1 draw from 11 away games are crying for a nice balanced stats booster X just like the counter game at 19 / OCT / 2003 SP. BRAGA - RIO AVE 1-1 :wink:

Arsenal Forever
08-03-04, 08:46
Shrewsbury - Leigh, H/H, 1.90 @ Bet365

Comparing Shrewsburys home games versus Leighs away games (31 in total), there have been 71% Home Wins, 16% Draws and 13% Away Wins (22-5-4). A similar comparison for all Shrewsburys games versus all Leighs games (62 in total) produces the following: 56% Home Wins, 26% Draws and 18% Away Wins (35-16-11).

Shrewsbury has 4-2-0 in the last 6 games at home, and Leigh is playing 1-0-5 in the last 6 away games.

The number of goals average for the most recent games involving both these teams is 3.08 (37 goals in 12 games), the season average being 3.00 (186 goals in 62 games).

On the face of it, I believe Shrewsbury, fifth in the league will be too strong for second from bottom Leigh who are playing poorly at the moment, but expect goals in an open match, but the home side should comfortably win this one.

Team info:

Martin O'Connor (thigh) is a doubt after picking up a knock over Woking, while Sam Aiston plays his last game before serving a two-match suspension.

Leigh RMI manager Phil Starbuck is boosted by the return of Warren Peyton and Wayne Maden from suspension.
But Starbuck will have to do without defenders Steve Redmond and Carl Rezai, who are both serving suspensions.

08-03-04, 09:14
My pick for today is:
Duisburg v Aachen - Home win @ 2.2 (Eurobet)

Duisburg are usually strong at home 4-3-4
Aachen away 3-2-5 - wins against weak teams.
Besides that Duisburg usually wins against Aachen at home.
Duisburg won only the last of its 7 home matches and now it
will win again. Its next match is away to Nurnberg - no
points can be taken there. So Home win for Duisburg!

Good luck!

08-03-04, 09:54
Finnish hockey (Mestis 1st division)

K-Vantaa - KalPa Away win @ 1,75 (Expekt)

Prediction here (http://bbetting.125mb.com)

08-03-04, 11:00
Time for my second pick in this competition, and what a pick is that. My favourite.
Some of you might remeber a thread that I had opened a week ago about Finnish basketbal. Others didn't even notice. And this bet is again on offer and even with a better limit. Today Honka is playing against Vilpas. Usually Honka's game can be very predictable. Serbian coach with very defensive approach to the game. 3 foreigners that do all the game for Honka, a Finn shooting 3 pointers all the time and then Olli Nikitin as the playmaker....The ones that read my previous thread in BA (feel free to see it under basketball section) know my feelings about Nikitin. He is a playmaker that doesn't know how to dribble and doesn't dare to take shots unless he is completely unmarked. So my bet for today (and I again strongly recommend to people to take this bet with medium to high stakes):

Olli Nikitin under 19.5 points+rebounds+assists for Honka @ 1.85 @ Nordicbet

PICK WON (Nikitin scored 11, got 3 rebounds and gave 2 assists. Tahoma I hope you followed my pick since you liked it so much)

Yes, I almost forgot I took it earlier today. Was just about to send you a pm about the result, but then thought you might add it here. Thanks. tahoma

The reason is simple. Nikitin scores, if he is lucky max 13 points, gathers max 2-3 rebounds and his average assists are 2.85. Make the sum and you will see what Nikitin can do, I repeat, on a GOOD day. Usually he scores most of his points at the end of the game. If you are interested on more info on him please check the thread that I have opened on basketball section.
Good luck to all.

08-03-04, 11:22
I'm with you on this one. Looks very interesting indeed. But where is the other topic you're talking about?

08-03-04, 11:26

Maple Leafs
08-03-04, 11:28
Why not to bet on "General de Gaulle" on TROTTING - NORWAY at Momarken :lol:

He is not so old :wink:


Nordic bet is so confident.

08-03-04, 11:50
AlCapone, that game is tomorrow.

08-03-04, 12:34

Senators will have the best oponents you can get in NHL these days...
Washington, the team who have nothing to play for, team who sold their best players during the last two month, out of the playoffs race since a long, long time ago...
I expect Washington to take place of Penguins in the closure of this season, and if they will have enough games to make that 15 straight loses record - they'll make it.
Ottawa full stakes!

08-03-04, 12:45

My 4th Pick of the Day:
Rio Ave - Sporting Braga




0-0 WON


Well Varganya wrote a very good analysis on the game and I could not add something here.Those teams love to play defense and not score/concede too many goals.9/11 Braga away games are under.Rio Ave is 50% UNDER last 5 home games but the overs are 2-1 usually.

Good Luck with your choice!!

Status: 3/3

08-03-04, 12:49
DALLAS - PHOENIX UNDER 210,5... 1,91 @ Gamebookers

Both teams recently showed bad form, Dallas with 3 loses in a row and Phoenix with 2 loses in the last 3 games.
Dallas is a better team and should have no problems to win this game, and I expect that they will try to hold guests under 100 points.
The under is 6-2 in the last eight meetings... also, Phoenix played last three road games under.

Last four meetings:
PHO 121 DAL 90
PHO 112 DAL 89
DAL 102 PHO 95
PHO 111 DAL 106

08-03-04, 14:02
Swedish handball, Elitserien:

Redbergslid - Sävehof 2 @ 1.75 (Gamebookers)


The odds on the guests are dropping dramatically at the moment (from 1.85 to 1.50 @ CB). The reason is simply that many Swedish punters are confident on the away win and I also think Sävehof should win this game. I took Sävehof @ 1.82 (Parbet), but there are no good odds anymore. 1.75 isn't very good, but I think it's worth a try anyway.

I don't know if you've heard about the name Redbergslid? They have dominated Elitserien the last couple of years and they've beaten some strong opponents in the Champions League as well. Sävehof are from the same city (Gothenburg) and they've always been Redbergslid's "little brothers", but this year things have changed. Sävehof (19-0-3) are the new leaders in Sweden and they're 10 points ahead of their big rivals Redbergslid. Sävehof's squad looks very strong while Redbergslid have been really weak this year. Redbergslid are currently on third place in the table, but compared to previous seasons, 28 points from 22 games is very disappointing. Both teams will qualify to the playoff, so what's the motivation here? Well, it's a derby and as I wrote before, Redbergslid have always been the giants in Gothenburg and Sweden. Sävehof won the first game in October 2003 (35-28), but they're highly motivated to beat the giants again! There is no home-advantage in this game and the players in Redbergslid seem a big nervous for today's game. At the moment, Sävehof are much better than Redbergslid and I don't think this will be a tight game. Redbergslid's form isn't good and I don't think they have the capacity to beat the leaders.

08-03-04, 14:11
Swedish Handball League :

Redbergslid - Sävehof U/O 55.5

This is match between two top teams currently lying first and third respectively.
Top spot holders Sävehof looks like main contender for the title this year, having impressive 18-0-3 record overall and 10-0-1 on the road, scoring 31.5 goals per match on the road while conceding 25.
The hosts are on the third spot with 12-4-6 overall , 6-3-2 at home, scoring here 31.5 and conceding 27 goals per match.
In last 3 home matches they scored 29 / 29 / 31, while Sävehof in their last 3 on the road did almost the same with 30 / 27 / 30.
Looking at these facts, I'll take over 55.5 goals scored in this match as it looks to be the best bet and therefore my PICK OF THE DAY.

results :

2002-02-18 19:00 Sävehof – Redbergslid 27 - 24

2002-03-18 19:00 Redbergslid – Sävehof 33 - 18

2002-04-17 19:00 Redbergslid – Sävehof 29 - 28

2002-10-02 19:00 Sävehof – Redbergslid 28 - 33

2002-12-18 19:00 Redbergslid – Sävehof 27 - 25

2003-02-19 19:00 Redbergslid – Sävehof 28 - 28

2003-03-19 19:00 Sävehof – Redbergslid 25 - 37

2003-10-05 17:00 Sävehof – Redbergslid 35 - 28

pick: OVER 55.5 goals 8O 23:19
pick LOST
absolute disaster... :oops:
odds: 1.85
bookmaker: UNIBET

Good luck!

08-03-04, 14:18
This match will be very tough and the most probable result is expected to be the draw. Yes but on Monday night, Schalke amateurs will play with 4 players from the profi team, Hanke, Waldoch, Pinto and Trojan. So the visitors will try to take all the points in order to get out from the relegation zone.

This will be my first tip for the competition.

pick: Away win
odds: 3.10
bookmaker: GLOBET

08-03-04, 14:37
This match will be very tough and the most probable result is expected to be the draw. Yes but on Monday night, Schalke amateurs will play with 4 players from the profi team, Hanke, Waldoch, Pinto and Trojan. So the visitors will try to take all the points in order to get out from the relegation zone.

This will be my first tip for the competition.

pick: Away win
odds: 3.10
bookmaker: GLOBET

I did not seen that GLOBET is not on the list of Competition allowed bookies, so I take the 2.77 offered by PINNACLES.

08-03-04, 14:51
AlCapone, that game is tomorrow.

oops sorry bout dat :( where i can delete this post.?

08-03-04, 15:59
Pick of the day 8.3.:

Philadelphia 76´ers - Milwaukee Bucks (+2) away win odds 1.95 PointBet

MIL is 4-1-1 ATS in the last six meetings. The under is 7-3 in the last 10 meetings. The under is 5-2 in PHI's last seven overall.
The Bucks are 1-2 on their current four-game road trip after dropping consecutive games at Miami and Cleveland. Milwaukee is a half-game in front of New Orleans for the fourth spot in the Eastern Conference, and home-court advantage in the opening round of the playoffs. MIL is the top-scoring team in the East, averaging 97.7 points per game. Philadelphia has lost six of its last eight games, but is coming off a 97-88 win over the Chicago Bulls on Saturday. PHI is 27th in team offense avg. 88.6 points/gm. Milwaukee has won the last pair, and 4 of the last 5 series meetings, going 3-1 ATS the last 4 times these East rivals have met. PHI is just 13-18 ATS on their home floor.

Overall balance in March: 2/2


08-03-04, 16:21
Ger. 2. Bundesliga

MSV Duisburg - Alemannia Aachen
pick: under 2.5 goals odds:2.05 Expekt

Last 5 matches Duisburg:

2004-02-29 Union Berlin - MSV Duisburg 2 - 1
2004-02-20 MSV Duisburg - Eintracht Trier 2 - 0
2004-02-15 Jahn Regensburg - MSV Duisburg 0 - 5
2004-02-11 VfB Lübeck - MSV Duisburg 1 - 1
2004-02-08 MSV Duisburg - SpVgg Unterhaching 0 - 1

Unders 3/5

Last 5 matches Aachen:

2004-02-27 Alemannia Aachen - SpVgg Greuther Fürth 0 - 0
2004-02-22 Erzgebirge Aue - Alemannia Aachen 0 - 1
2004-02-15 Alemannia Aachen - Energie Cottbus 0 - 2
2004-02-08 FSV Mainz - Aachen 3 - 2
2004-01-31 Aachen - Wacker Burghausen 0 - 1

Unders 4/5

This season: 2003-09-19 Aachen - MSV Duisburg 2 - 1

:arrow: I know monday matches in Germany 2. Bundes league are allways intersing matches with lots of goals!This time i think it will be difrent!Aachen need a win to be in top 3 ,but Duisburg also need some point to stay in this league!Thay are teams wich doesnt score much goals and i thin it will be very hard to Aachen score in Duisburg!Odds are great!

08-03-04, 16:23
Pick #3


»Philadelphia 76ers - »Milwauke Bucks

Home win

1.8 at PointBet



Probable starters:

redd,jones,van horn,smith,skinner


D.Coleman, M.Jackson, G.Robinson, T.MacCulloch
T.J. Ford

H2H games:
MIL 95-91 PHI
PHI 76-88 MIL

Philly this season plays realy bad and now they must win every game to reach play-offs. AI back after 4 missed games in a row and he`s playing good. Sixers last games played not bad. They beat minesotta at home, just few point lost for sacramento and last game beat chicago. I think tonight they gonna win against milwauke and i think we`ll see AI show.

Good Luck!

08-03-04, 17:38
Ternana-Cagliari X @ 2.63 Ladbrokes

Home team started well but now is going bad. They don't win from 7 matches (4d 3l). Cagliari is in good form, 4 wins (against also Atalanta and Palermo) and 3 draws in last 7 matches. Today they have some problem in defence (the gk and 2 regular defenders out) but considering the poor form of Ternana and the good form of Cagliari, that could win also against Messina last thursday, I think that home team could take not more than a draw.

Bye all :wink:

08-03-04, 17:39
Laval Vs. Istres :arrow: Level Away :arrow: 1.75@Interwetten

The link to my prediction is in my signature.

Good luck!

0-0 Pick voided :(

08-03-04, 18:09
My pick of the day:


Anaheim Mighty Ducks - Montreal Canadiens.......Canadiens ML(2.05 @ Gamebookers)

My prediction at:

Good luck.

08-03-04, 19:57
This match will be very tough and the most probable result is expected to be the draw. Yes but on Monday night, Schalke amateurs will play with 4 players from the profi team, Hanke, Waldoch, Pinto and Trojan. So the visitors will try to take all the points in order to get out from the relegation zone.

This will be my first tip for the competition.

pick: Away win
odds: 3.10
bookmaker: GLOBET

Good info, nj, thanx for the tip. I would miss this one if you didn't post it here. 8)

08-03-04, 20:12
Hello! Well After a good start I've missed 3 in a row and I'm -195 at the moment! :oops: But I'm not going to give up. So my 5th pick is from NHL. It's a bet on my FAVOURITE team:

Detroit Red Wings - Tampa Bay Lightnings (+1,5) HOME 2,85 NordicBet

So tonight two top teams in the NHL meet at Joe Louis Arena, both leaders of their conferences, but Tampa leading Detroit by one point for the President's Trophy. Both teams are in excellent form, Tampa 8-0-0-2 and Detroit 7-2-1-0 in last 10 games! What a game we have here! The Wings are 26-5-3-0 at home. It's a big big clash between two best teams, but still I favour Detroit, cause I just love them, their style of play and their players! Plus that history between the teams is clearly on their side! They have outscored the Lightning 26-7 in winning seven straight at home in this series since Jan. 12, 1994. Tampa is 1-10-0 all-time at Joe Louis Arena.
It worries me a bit that they are hurt by quite alot of injuries (Datsyuk, Dandenault, Draper, Hasek Joseph - all really important), but teams in NHL often play even harder and with more heart, when they are hurt like that. Esepcially when league's overall lead is at stake! And I also like what Wings goalie Legace is showing lately, well acctually the whole season - he is 18-7-4 GA 1.98 Percentage 0.924 and is 8-2 with a 1.80 goals-against average since Curtis Joseph went down with a sprained ankle on Feb. 11.
Tampa is really playing attractive hockey this season. But this is really a different game and IMO Wings on home ice are very very hard to beat, so it will certainly be a close game, but I see my Wings winning this one! I took a 2 goal margin cause I'm certain they'll hit the empty net 15 seconds before the end! HE HE :lol:

Good luck!

08-03-04, 20:57
Phoenix @ Dallas, NBA basketball

Dallas home 28-4
Phoenix away 7-25

Dallas is the favorite here, but with two high-scoring teams like this, the result is a lottery. Phoenix is good at scoring contests, in fact they won the last two meetings against Dallas
11/26/2003 PHO 121 DAL 90
4/9/2003 PHO 112 DAL 89

Apart from this, Dallas just lost 3 in a row and could be off balance.

My pick Phoenix +11 @ 1,98 Expekt

(and yes, I am playing this straight up as well, but it can't be my pick due to the odds limit)

08-03-04, 21:51
Why didn't somebody check on KalPa's games with today's opponent??!!!
They play quite bad - often suffering losses! I don't read in finnish
but managed to check some results (after I put my bet on KalPa, for my
regret) - complete mess!!! There is no tendence - wins ...loses...
I guess we beleaved a ruamor....sometimes they are not what they seem.
Too pity for me I got Duisburg, Rio Ave, Schalke ... and lost KalPa. Single
bet ... can U emagine the odds!!!! But lost it all!
Tomorrow is another day!
Thanks to the people giving good info on Schalke - nice work!
And the others...don't think I blame you :lol: That'd be stupid of me!
Keep up the good work guys...all of U! Let's kick some a** tomorrow!
This forum is a nice thing! Like it 100%!

09-03-04, 00:15
Lets try to find value, again!
So far: +100 (1/2) 21st place!

*Stoudemire A. to score the most from the group!
(Nowitzky-Finley-Nash-Marion) CENTREBET (3,15)!!

This is very interesting bet, since my favourite Sun, Amare, is making records these days!
*He has been scoring Over 20 points in 11 consecutive games! This is for the first time for Phoenix since 94/95 Barkley run!
*His last 5 look impresing, even if Pho lost most of these:
24-24-33-32-23, so his average is growing and is19.0 now!
*He only has one player (Shawn Marion) in the team, who can score more (his statistics: 18-18-14-12-17)

What about three Dallas men?
*Nowitzky 21-19-15-21-18 in last five, avg for the season: 21,2
*Finley 12-35-16-19-16 (avg 19,2)
*Nash 22-0-0-13-22 (avg 14,6)
There are two more high scoring candidates from this team :Walker and Jamison!

So, to conclude: it is almost impossible, Amare scores less than 20 in this open game without defences and I have fears of only one player: Finley, if he feels good, he can score 35, but so can Amare!

There was the same game for Amare a week ago against Sacra, when Pho lost 94-108 (I expect about the same score tonight) and his statistics were: 19/10, FT 16/13, 33 points, he scored 1 more than Stojakovic and was best scorer then!

Good luck!!

Sorry, I had to edit a bookie, GB was wrong, Centrebet is right!

Bet lost, Marion 29, Nowitzki 26, Stoudemire 19- he only throw 9 times in this game?!? in 46 minutes...