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05-10-06, 09:48
06 Oct 19:45 Forest Green v Oxford Utd 5.75 3.40 1.55

06 Oct 19:45 Rushden & D'monds v Stevenage 2.10 3.25 3.00

06 Oct 19:45 Woking v Burton Albion 2.15 3.25 2.87

06 Oct 19:45 York v Aldershot 2.00 3.25 3.20

07 Oct 13:00 Altrincham v Weymouth 2.45 3.20 2.60

07 Oct 13:00 Crawley Town v Morecambe 2.40 3.40 2.45

07 Oct 13:00 Kidderminster v Grays Athletic 2.80 3.20 2.25

07 Oct 14:00 Southport v St Albans 2.05 3.25 3.20

07 Oct 15:00 Dag & Red v Northwich 1.53 3.40 6.00

07 Oct 15:00 Exeter v Halifax 1.66 3.40 4.33

07 Oct 15:00 Gravesend v Cambridge Utd 1.85 3.25 3.75

07 Oct 15:00 Tamworth v Stafford Rangers 2.15 3.25 2.90

09 Oct 19:45 Woking v Aldershot 1.50 2.80 1.57


anotha mug
05-10-06, 10:52
2/1 are nice odds on stevenage as these are two sides heading in opposite directions, rushden haven't won in five and don't have the greatest home record. Stevenage meanwhile haven't lost in their last four and although they haven't won away yet something's got to give here and at 2/1 for two sdies next to each other in the league and at opposite ends of the form cycle I would take the away win at these odds.

anotha mug
05-10-06, 10:57
burton at 2/1 also stand out, unbeaten in eight and firing. They are playing some wodnerful stuff under the younger clough and confidence is very high. Woking are no one's mug but they are a bit brittle at home and the 2/1 away seems big, or for a more secure bet back unbeaten in eight Burton at 5/4 on the draw no bet market.

06-10-06, 18:12
What about Oxford? they played draw last game and forest green are weak team?
Weak team :?
Forest Green 7 /6/ 1 4 1/ 7:7 ldDdWd
Did not loose last 5 games and is in a 'hot' seat (reed has to save its ass). Oxford first with 6 points to spare!

Ps: One has to consider it as 'public' bet and IMO bookies do not like to loose!
Grays will do me, AH 0 anyway ! :wink:

06-10-06, 19:04
There's some interesting analysis on this forum, I have to admit.8O

May I please ask at this juncture for no more PM's asking "Is this match fixed" because I won't reply...

Moving on. FGR have done well in their last few games and became very drawish as the new boss seeks to make them hard to beat.

However, they had a few players injured midweek and consequently played players out of position. I think Oxford should win without too much difficulty but those odds aren't getting a penny / cent / dollar / Euro of my money. As tight as a duck's backside and I could show you at least 3 fixtures above 2.0 this week which I strongly recommend. Unfortunately my time is pushed this week and I can't start threads for the Unibond / Southern / Unibond so if someone does I'll comment tommorow morning ;)

As to the Conference it left me feeling a bit limp to be honest. Grays are a nice price. 67 % away wins against Kidderminster's 67% home losses. Kidderminster have signed two players this week and one is a young striker from CC1 Plymouth. Coupled with their mini-slump this worry's me somewhat as punters should have a natural fear of unkown quantities.

However, I have taken Grays for a small away win as the price is right and that shout for a level ball +0 earlier was a good one.

I've also had a small bet on Morecambe at Crawley as I feel they're slightly overpriced. As are Stevenage at Rushden. Take anything around 3.0 + and they'll give you a good run for your money.

All the best with your non-league bets,

Another Mug Punter (AMP)

07-10-06, 14:37
Strange price for Crawley at home to Morecambe, +0.25 handicap at 1.91 that must be an overestimation of Morecambe`s chances in this game w/o favourite. Crawley lost last two games but it was against strong opposition and in both of these matches fought well. 8)

07-10-06, 17:49
Crawley 4-0 FT :D

Thank you, mighty odds compilers :lol:

08-10-06, 07:23
Didn't go into the Saturday games and some serious missed opportunities there - Daggers, Exeter and Gravesend all represented opportunities. Hindsight is a great thing.

09-10-06, 03:44
Interesting game in the conference tomorrow - with Woking taking on Aldershot. Aldershot do have injury worries up and down the squad - with Darren Barnard, Ryan Scott, Rhys Day, Mark Pritchard and Mark Molesley all out. Barnard in particular should be a big miss. Aldershot do have Marcus Gayle upfront, and he should cause Woking problems. But, I fancy Woking. Their form lately has been very good - with home draws to some very good sides like Burton and Dagenham, and a couple of good victories as well. At home, with better preperation - I'm contemplating the (-.25) available at a little over evens. Waiting for AMPs expert opinions here. Some light shed here please, sire? I realize Gay MacDonald is out and that is a blow, but Woking look in better shape overall?

09-10-06, 04:13
H2H does not suport the one you fancy :? :

Woking v Aldershot

Aldershot 1-1Woking
Woking 1-2Aldershot
Aldershot 4-0Woking
Woking 1-2Aldershot
Woking 2-2Aldershot
Aldershot 2-1Woking

8. Aldershot14/ 6 4 4/ 23:17
9. Woking 14/ 6 4 4/ 22:17

Clear case of an draw IMHO :D

09-10-06, 07:03
interesting one, because the two sides have been pretty equal in terms of league positions for the past few seasons. Just think the injuries are pretty important here, though. Aldershot's form without the players hasn't been great. Also, Woking appear to have two goalscorers this season, which normally hasn't been the case with them. But, still awaiting comments from the expert. Enlighten us, AMP.