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18-11-03, 01:18
I hope there is nothing wrong if I start today's thread. :) I'll take a match that starts on 11am CET, so in the morning I won't have much time to do it.

So, my pick is a one friendly game:

South Corea - Bulgaria (0:1/4) :arrow: 1 :arrow: 1,90@Ladbrokes

Friendly game between hosts South Corea and visitors Bulgaria will take place in Seoul World Cup Stadium, which is expected to be almost full. After great performance on 2002 World Cup, South Corea had to slide a bit down. Still, they won friendly games this year against Finland (2-0), Scotland (4-1) and Japan (1-0), played dull 0-0 draws against Turkey, Tunisia and China, and lost against three best South American national teams - Brasil (2-3), Uruguay (0-2) and finally Argentina (0-1).

But, disapointments came when it was more important. In Asian Cup qualifiers, South Corea lost to lowly Oman (1-3) and Vietnam (0-1). But, in those matches Coreans were without few main players, who play in Europe and Japan. Position of coach, Portugese Humberto Coelho, was in danger, but last week he got support from Corean Football Federation. Still, he have to produce good results, starting with this friendly game. He was finnaly able to call all World Cup stars - only Anderlecht striker Seol is missing due to injury.

Bulgarians went to Asia without number of key players. Stilian Petrov, Marian Petrov, Dimitar Berbatov, Daniel Borimirov and Ivailo Petkov are all missing in this clash. Visitors also had long flight to Corea and not enough time to aclimatise. I think they will use this match to test some new players and, of course, to get some money for their Football Federation.

Good luck!

18-11-03, 03:33
Pick of the day: Stjernen v Storhamar A 1,40 Ladbrokes


18-11-03, 10:27
Ilves - Blues 2 2,65 Interwetten
Ilves have loads of absentees, including Niinimäki and Pitkämäki. Blues have a full team to choose from. Ilves in my opinion is on a down trend and it won't be easy for them to get to the playoffs. Blues is an underperformer and maybe their recent change of coach is starting to kick in. Away win.

Croatia 385
18-11-03, 11:06
Basketball ULEB cup:

Zagreb (CRO) - Real Madrid (ESP) ---> away win, odds 2,10 @ Centrebet

Interesting odds, Real Madrid is clear favourite in this match, not Zagreb! For example, odds on away win in Croatia are 1,50! Real Madrid has some great players like Reyes, Fotsis, Kambala... Zagreb players are young and even in Croatia pretty anonymus, Krunic is their best player. Problem for Zagreb players could be many matches in last few weeks, last week they played 3 OT in 1 match, I am sure Real Madrids stars will win pretty easy! Dont be fooled by the odds!

18-11-03, 11:19
what are the odds on zagreb victory?

18-11-03, 11:24
what are the odds on zagreb victory?

in croatia of course.....

18-11-03, 11:41

The Gravedigger
18-11-03, 13:33
Norway U21 - S&M U21 1 @2.04 Betfair

This is revenge match of qualifications for EURO 2004 for teams under 21.

First match ended 1:5,but result doesn`t showing real what happened in that match.Norway was attacking , but S/M was scoring.

Before this match S&M have some huge problems because 3 very important players aren`t playing.Captain Markovic have suspension and Vidic(best player) and Disljenkovic (first goalkeeper) won`t play due injurie.Knowing how all teams from S&M are playing when have big lead,I expect that they will defending and waiting for some counterattacs,what was case in Belgrade where they scored 4 from5 goals after counter attack.Weather terms are also playing important fastor because here in Serbia is pretty good wheather and I believe in Norway is much different.

Bigest problem will be Norway motivation for this match,but I believe that they at least want to finnish this qualifications with win so I will risk and take home win.

18-11-03, 14:02
Gravelines vs Red Star 2 @ 2.30 at Centerbet

I realy can't see why Red Star is the underdog here! I belive that we have one of the best teams in ULEB cup and only a win here will be enough for us! 2.30 has huge value IMO! Expect Rakocevic to have a huge game tonight , and maybe another good game from our young player Radivojevic! A clear away win IMO!

18-11-03, 14:04
BTW that Red Star match is the 1st round of ULEB cup (basketball)

Arbiter Elegantiarum
18-11-03, 14:29
TurkeyU21-GermanyU21 1 1,9 Expekt

Still think that Turkey U21 is excellent team and Germany U21 very boring team. Of course boring don`t mean that they bad. They won 1-0 first match. I rate Turkey higher, still remembering their performances against Portugal. German team is full of 1st Bundesliga players but I hadn`t feel that when I f.e. watched their match against Lithuania. Turkey to win, I saw both teams playing in this eliminations and Turkey looked better, at home they should get 1-0.

18-11-03, 14:33
My pick of the day is from ULEB cup:

Kapfenberg (Austria) - KK Atlas (Serbia & Montenegro) 1 @2.3 Centrebet

I know Austrian basketball is not like Serbian&M. ,but home team is champion of Austria and i think thay have quality to beat Atlas from Belgrade!Atlas is maybe 8th(behind Partizan,Red Star,Hemofarm,Vojvodina....) team in S&M,and thay have solid players!Atlas goes in Austria with bus :? ,becouse team is to poor for air plain.Players will be tired but very happy,becouse they will play in Europe! Atlas won first match agains Llaida and thay make a big suprise,but i dont think thay have quality to beat Kapfeberg.Home team has 2 (or 3) Americans,Atlas none! This is their 2nd match in Europe in club history,first wont,second i think thay will - lose!

18-11-03, 14:43
My first pick of the day :
Swiss Hockey

Fribourg v Davos X @4.50 Gamebookers

Both teams have no draw in last six matches and I think a draw today is very probable

Davos 6 3 0 3 21 - 24 9
Fr.Gotteron 6 2 0 4 15 - 23 6

18-11-03, 14:49
Norway u21 - Serbia & Montenegro u21 HT1@2.65
As in UEFA cup games when home team needs 2,3 goals margin, they usualy take the lead in the first half, and if they don't succeed in the 2nd, they usualy concede a goal till the end when their moral becomes low.

18-11-03, 14:53
NorwayU21 - Serbia/MontenegroU21 X @3.3 Expekt

First match 5:1!S/M team without couple players,but i dont think thay will lose this match!Thay have quality for all matches,and i think thay will be happy with draw!Norway does not have big motivation for this match,and some S/M players will try to prove for their couch,for Euro2004!Draw is most likly here!

18-11-03, 15:06
Gravelines vs Red Star 2

Djape you take my pick,i hope Red Star will win,and this odds are just to good to be true!

People,bet on Red Star,this is the best pick of the week!

18-11-03, 15:26
My Pick;

NO Hornets v NJ Nets ; Take OVER 181 @1.91 @Gamebookers


The hornets have a great quick style of play. Nets are surely a great home team for years... Nets at home make good defence till now but when Baron Davies is on pitch than is it always a over for me !!!

Sorry for such bad analysis but i really don't have time today..

Score Guess ; FT 90-90 and a single basket in OT will make me win :wink:

Let's kick emm all !!!

18-11-03, 17:05
Swedish hockey:

Färjestad (-1.5) - Luleå (+1.5) 1 @ 1.73 (Pinnacle Sports)


18-11-03, 17:12
Venezuela - Bolivia:------>1(1.90 Premierbet)

In these kind of games the climate is very important.Bolivia is used to playing in high altitude and where the game will be played is very very rainy.Venezuela is better team than Bolivia and statistics are possitive...Team manager stated that they want to qualify and they will win...i just believe him...


18-11-03, 17:36
WWF VIRTUS BOLOGNA - VERVIERS- PEPINSTER 1( -14.5) @ 1.90 @ Centrebet

1st game in Uleb cup brings some surprises , and one of them was a away win of Bologna against Joventut. So , today they will play with Pepinster. It's not 1st team in Belgum , so , i think that Bologna will not have much problems with them. If Bologna will win today , they can go to the 1st place in their group , and i hope , that they will do it.

18-11-03, 18:46
My pick of th day is Venezuela-Bolivia draw @3.30 GB

Ok. Venezuela made a historical victory against Colombia but those things happen in soccer. This does not mean that is a good team! For me 1.75 at home victory is too low. I think there is not big difference between those two teams. Of course Venezuela plays at home but I think there is more value at X2 here. I risk with the draw because I think expresses that those two teams are almost of the same quality. The value is very good. Also, I see that many bet on Venezuela tonight and I understand that is not Argentina that playing with Bolivia, so I tend to feel that this match will not end up with a Venezuela's victory. Although, I hope this hapen...

18-11-03, 19:06
Cleveland Cavaliers(-4.5)-Los Angeles CLIPPERS(4.5) Take HOME 1.90 at Expekt
I know LAC won four in a row but i can"t see they win this one.
CLE won three straight at home(broke longest losing streak against 76-ers).
Cavs won both two games vs Clippers last season,now with LeBron they should this one without any problems.
I know LAC is on a fourth games winning streak but they won against very weak teams as Atlanta,Orlando.Denver and Golden State.
I think Cavs beat the handicap without any problems just look at the lineup,they are simply better...

18-11-03, 20:52
after a succesful pick yesterday( 8O 8O ), I will try to continue in such trend.:>

Carolina Hurricanes - Philadelphia Flyers.........2(2.20 @ Expekt)

18-11-03, 21:59

Kapfenberg 2.80 :wink:

18-11-03, 22:31
PICK 1 @ 1.65[Expekt]
Vancouver Canucks are quality superior team than Montreal. They come after a 3 game loosing streak, but all of that games played away from home. Home record of Vancouver this season is 7-0-1, so they won all meetings at home. Away record of Montreal is 3-4-0 and a victory too last outing at Ottawa, but Ottawa appeared to be weak in the last games played, they have only one home win (over weak Columbus) in last 6 home games.
Montreal also, after a good start of the season they experienced a massive downtrend, only one good sign, victory over Ottawa last outing.
Also seems that both premier goalies will be on ice tonight, Cloutier and Theodore respectively, that might goes with an under, but this win seems much certain to me.

U may read also a good prediction on this game made by StorhamarSatyr on NHLPunter.
GL to you all

18-11-03, 22:47
Cleveland- LA Clippers OVER 196,5 @1,9 with WH

Highly set total line, but possible to be reached. Both teams are offensively- minded what gives me hope for a lot of points in this game.Cavs' star Le Bron is able to score against shaky Clippers defence and visitors should chase him. LAC are 5-1 OVER in last 6, while Cavaliers are 1-0 when the total is set at 195-199.5 points. Last match scorline in Cleveland:104-100.